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Past Life Regression Therapy - How It Affects Your Present Life


Past Life Regressionis a mild kind of hypnosis that transports a person back in time to prior life or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are ordinarily concealed in the subconscious mind.

Today's life is so hectic and 'noisy,' that these recollections are frequently hidden behind the din of everyday thinking.

A PLR session takes you away from the commotion and into a deeply calm and tranquil condition, making it significantly simpler to retrieve the memories stored in your subconscious mind.

Past-life regression treatment is a type of hypnosis and accompanying talk therapy that essentially says that we carry emotional, mental, and sometimes physical evidence from our previous incarnations into our current one.

(To get started, you must embrace the concept of pseudo-reincarnationor past lives.)

By accessing those memories and talking through them, past-life regression might help us tackle challenges in our current life.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression | Hypnotherapist Liz Vincent

Past liferegression is a hypnotic technique used to retrieve what practitioners think are memories of previous lives or incarnations.

Medical practitioners usually perceive the technique as discredited and unscientific, and specialists generally regard claims of recovered memories of past incarnations as dreams, delusions, or a sort of confabulation.

Past-life regression is usually done to seek a spiritual experience or in a psychotherapy environment.

Most proponents subscribe to reincarnation ideas loosely, however religious traditions that contain reincarnation often do not include the concept of repressed memories of previous lifetimes.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists think that mental health conditions such as migraine, skin disease, and other phobias might emerge as a result of unresolved concerns in a former life and can be treated using past liferegression therapy.

Things You Should Know About A Past Life Regression

Galaxy hole with clocks
Galaxy hole with clocks

Have you ever had an event that appeared like a bizarre dream yet felt so real?

Maybe anything from your past?

This is not talking about your present existence; It is about the feelings you experienced in previous lifetimes before this one or your reincarnation.

If you want to learn more about how you lived in your past life, you should look into past life regression treatment.

It may help you better understand yourself, your routines, and your desires, as well as perhaps overcome phobias and nightmares, process sorrow and build forgiveness, and answer some of life's riddles.

Past Life Regression Therapy Uses Hypnosis

A pocketwatch swinging
A pocketwatch swinging

To access memories from a previous life or distant recollections, you must focus inward and dive into the subconscious mind via hypnosis, which is a type of focused awareness

You will be in a mild trance, still aware of your surroundings, but entirely immersed in your prior life's recollection.

Can Everyone Be Regressed?

Past regression treatment, like everything else, is not for everyone.

That is why, before your first session, make an effort to learn more about yourself and your personal background.

The sessions will eventually benefit you if you provide me with a sense of any concerns you desire to address in your session and ensure the treatment is appropriate for you.

We won't know for sure if you can access a former life memory unless we attempt.

Success is determined by your soul's preparation, openness, and willingness to change, as well as any unknowns that may exist on the day of your session.

Because each individual is unique, each session is unique.

Not Every Problem Is About A Past Life

Many of us are plagued by worries and phobias to the point that they appear to be a natural part of life.

These anxieties and phobias are not always the result of a prior life.

Even if you cannot recall a specific instance of trauma, virtually all concerns may be traced back to a current life event.

You May Not Have Even Been A Human

Many of us are tormented by fears and anxieties to the point that they appear to be a natural part of life.

These fears and concerns are not usually the outcome of a previous existence.

Even if you are unable to recollect a specific incident of trauma, almost all worries may be traced back to a recent life experience.

You Were Not Always Good

You might have been an alcoholic in a previous life.

This simply suggests that there is a reason you retold this event and a reason why you are shown that knowledge, implying that there is something therapeutic in remembering that experience.

With evil comes the effort of repairing the good. Life is about striking a balance.

We have both excellent and terrible qualities.

It will take time to find out where we need to be in each existence in order to learn the lesson that was supposed to be learned.

The Unexplainable Moments

We can't explain a few things that happen during a regression session.

Strange feelings of weight all down one side of the bodyā€”this type of event can be attributed to injuries sustained in one of your previous life.

If you experienced anything horrible and it occurred to pop up in one of your former life memories, it is rare that you will physically feel it in your session.

As a signor symbol of what occurred to you in the memory, you are recalling, you may feel pain or unusual sensations in an area of your body.

Remember that you are perfectly secure if you are feeling really uneasy or in a tense situation.

Keep in mind though that this is rare and not something you need to worry about.

Your reincarnation recollection depicted you as a man with blue eyes.

Blue eyes are a recessive characteristic, and you have brown eyes, despite the picture of the guy you may or may not have been.

This is a reoccurring picture.

It may feel like something out of a Hollywood film, but it will feel very genuine as you go through your regression session.

You May Have Been Famous

A celebrity on red carpet waving in the cameras and photographers
A celebrity on red carpet waving in the cameras and photographers

You may imagine you are the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth, Elvis Presley, or Abraham Lincoln after binge-watching the History Channel.

Your attraction to a historical figure may not be because you were that person in a previous life; rather, you were linked with them.

Maybe one of Cleopatra's courtiers?

Or perhaps Anne Boleyn's friend?

You never know who is renowned because of a relationship.

Myths About Past Life Regression Therapy

People do previous life regression in order to get a spiritual experience or in a psycho-therapeutic context in order to achieve psychological or physical recovery.

Past life regression therapy is not a surface-level treatment, but rather a root cause therapy in which a person is encouraged to heal from the inside.

Because the notion of former lives may not comply with certain people's belief systems, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding the practice, such as:

Myth: Past Life Regression is a witchcraft method.

Fact: History Life Regression Therapy is founded on the idea that our past shapes our present, and our present shapes our future.

Myth: If you are hypnotized, you will not recall anything, and the therapist may take advantage of you, even the information you reveal.

Fact: When a person is hypnotized, he is completely aware of what is going on around him.

During the entire procedure, a person is in a deep meditative state, and all information revealed by the patient is protected by an unspoken confidentiality agreement that every therapist is expected to obey.

Myth: If a person revisits a former life event during hypnosis, they may get locked in the past.

Fact: During the procedure, a person is completely aware of their surroundings and may stop whenever they choose by just opening their eyes.

Myth: Past Life Regression might have negative consequences.

The treatment has no negative side effects.

However, because hypnosis induces a relaxed state of mind, there may be several advantages to the session.

Past Life Regression Therapy is immoral, according to popular belief.

Fact: It has been stated that previous life regression is unethical since there is no scientific proof to back up its claims, as well as the possibility that a person undergoing regression hypnosis would implant false memories.

The previous life regression therapist, on the other hand, will guide the patient to have control over their emotions, so assisting them in gaining control over their emotions.

Furthermore, the regression method and technique are described before any session, and the participant's agreement is obtained before beginning the therapy.

Who Benefits Most From This Type Of Therapy?

Numbers in spiral
Numbers in spiral

People who have undiagnosed chronic health problems, phobias, and recurrent pregnancy concerns (I've assisted people who haven't been able to conceive.)

Past life regression treatment is also good for anyone who has had a string of poor luck and is unsure what to do with their life, as well as anyone who wants to know if they have the potential to work as a healer or intuitive.

It's not all about unearthing past traumasā€”sometimes you're shown bliss in a prior life, which may be encouraging and help you remember how to live a happy life now.

Seeing how you shone in a previous life might serve as a reminder of your value and strength.

What Techniques Are Used?

It is a prevalent misperception that practitioners perform hypnosis on their clients; however, this is not the case.

Past life regression, like other varieties of hypnosis, is an active therapy in which the client actively participates.

Hypnosis is used by regression therapy practitioners to assist their clients to relax and open their minds.

Other tactics, like a suggestion, aid with remembering, and particular inquiries are aimed to elicit statements and recollections from the client's previous life.

Why Is Past Life Regression Important?

OldĀ behavioralĀ habitsĀ andĀ emotionalĀ baggageĀ emergeĀ inĀ ourĀ currentĀ lives,Ā andĀ itĀ isĀ criticalĀ toĀ letĀ goĀ andĀ eraseĀ suchĀ obstacles.

ItĀ alsoĀ aidsĀ inĀ breakingĀ freeĀ fromĀ oldĀ lifeĀ habitsĀ andĀ overcomingĀ mentalĀ andĀ physicalĀ obstacles.

ThisĀ improvesĀ bothĀ one'sĀ presentĀ andĀ futureĀ lifetimesĀ becauseĀ asĀ oneĀ cleansĀ outĀ theirĀ KarmicĀ Body,Ā itĀ becomesĀ lighterĀ andĀ fasterĀ approachesĀ enlightenment.

It'sĀ similarĀ toĀ removingĀ deadĀ weightĀ fromĀ aĀ shipĀ toĀ helpĀ itĀ sailĀ better.


Past Life Regression Therapy is a scientific technique for hypnosis in which you are placed in a deep meditative state, allowing you to communicate with concepts buried deep inside your subconscious mind.

While many may argue whether one truly revisits their former life or whether these tiny childhood incidents are simply untapped memory banks in our brain.

The reality is that many individuals report that this type of treatment has helped heal many people's psychological and physiological ailments.

Remember that previous life regression treatment isn't always fun.

In your experience, a terrible incident may surface.

It is how you use this memory that will help you comprehend who you are now and how you will develop from it.

It is also rather intriguing to dive into if it piques your interest, especially if you feel as though some of your past life memories have flooded to the surface.

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