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Straight Forward Guidance Discusses Numerology, Life Path Numbers, Compatibility, Angel Numbers, Soul Urge Numbers, Personality Numbers, and More.

We look in-depth at the life path numbers compatibility and offer you some guidance on the best life path numbers to pair up with.

We partner with some of the biggest names in Numerology and offer you free tips, guides, and reports on your life path journey.

Numerology & Life Path Numbers

Numerology is defined as divination based on the notion that numbers are connected with our personality traits, career paths, destinies, events, and how we react to different situations and circumstances.

We discuss in detail what these numbers mean that give you a deep understanding of how these numbers can affect your life.

We all look at the compatibility of the life paths numbers and explain which numbers are more compatible than others for love, marriage, and more.

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Angel Numbers

We love talking about Angel numbers, insights they reveal, and the significance they can have on your life.

You’ve probably heard of people who get excited when the clock hits 11:11; then upload a picture to their Facebook or Instagram.

Well, this website discusses in detail why such things are very significant for these people.

How can you recognize angel numbers as they appear in your life?

If you constantly see the same series of numbers, usually in a pattern of three or four, it may be more than a coincidence.

This can be the angels sending you messages, and it is up to the receiver to work out what those messages mean; Straight Forward Guidance is here to help you understand and decode these messages.

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Soul Urge Numbers

What are soul urge numbers, and what do they mean?

Your soul number reveals your core desires and destiny.

Your Soul Urge Numbers allow your numerology to uncover vital details from your numerology chart.

While your Life Path Number gives meaning to the direction of your journey through life, and your Destiny Number reveals your gifts, talents, and unique offerings to the world, the Soul Urge Number is what unlocks the deeper you.

Each person has different numbers that help them identify who they are and their purpose in life. 

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House Number Numerology

Have you ever lived in a home where everything feels right? 

Where your life flows and feels full of positive energy?

On the other side of the coin, have you ever lived in a place that feels off, you don’t feel right, out of sync with negative energy?

Your home number can predict your experiences in your home, and Straight Forward Guidance will help you along this journey.

In Numerology, every home number carries with it a vibrational matrix that becomes the home’s “personality.” 

While no one number is any worse than another, there are numbers you should try to avoid in a home address for you to achieve the best possible flow and energy for your needs.

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