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The Top Astrology Themed Games


Astrology used to be something associated with hippies and people who tended to be on the outskirts of society. However, even the most popular celebs in the world are now on the astrology bandwagon. The younger generations are more likely to know their sun, moon, rising, and some of the houses too.

And more importantly, they are probably going to want to know yours too!

Horoscopes have been in newspapers, magazines, and on chat lines for years - but now, it is so mainstream it is on t-shirts, fill-up social media streams, and millions of people base entire businesses on astrological guidance.

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Astrology is now more accessible - and it's not just access to reading, but to the information about how it works and why it matters. There is so much online content being created around astrology; more people than ever care what their sign means and how different it makes from how they perceive the world.

It's personal

Many people are on a mission to understand themselves better, and that can take many forms in combination with the traditional personality tests like Myers-Briggs, Big 5, Enneagram, and Jung. While some are built in theory, research, and science - there are rebuttals for all. Much like skeptics rebuke astrology, it could still help with who you are fundamental.

And perhaps most important is that astrology is not so mainstream; it is everywhere. Where once those who were interested in it would need to find shops that smelled of incense, now there are movies, social channels, groups, YouTubers, clothing, and even games!

And, if gaming is your thing - or you like to explore cool genres, then here are some of the most enjoyable astrology games and apps.

Gemini Lost

Gemini lost is a fun puzzle game that is available on PC. It is a beautiful top-down game that beams you up and out of where you are and into an astrology site! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find all of the zodiac artifacts. The game has 20 puzzles that give you new abilities once solved, three mini-games, 18 science upgrades so you can make your world even cooler, and a heap of other stuff.

Starry Night

The Starry Night is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac - and it helps you to explore the night sky from the comfort of the indoors (if that is what you want!). Starry Night has some cool features, including offering information on celestial events like meteor showers and looking at Deep Sky objects like nebulas and star clusters.

Telescope control, so if you have a telescope, you can use it in combination with the app to find exactly what you are looking for. Not to mention the real-time interactive sky map and the time travel options!

While not strictly a game, it is a lot of fun, and you will be playing with it for hours.

Zodiac Slots

Astrology has inspired various video games including the world of casino gaming, where most new online slots providers are offering a range of astrology themed slot games to attract players to their site.

The Zodiac slot is just one example of an astrology themed slot game available online. The symbols on the slot machine are the signs of the zodiac; some of the zodiac slots are attached to a progressive slot (maybe it is your sign's lucky day!).

You'll find other symbols that are related to the zodiac, too, like suns, moons, and stars - and free spins can be triggered by hitting three or more scatters on a reel.

Zodiac Slots
Zodiac Slots

Starlink is a super full board game, and it is heavily inspired by the stars - as the name suggests! It is best played with either 2 or 4 players, and you'll have to be prepared to test your luck and work on a strategy too.

The aim of the game is to collect a set of twelve Starlink cards - and each card is one of the zodiac signs. The board's circular, which coincides with the zodiac wheel chart - and you move around the board and pick up cards as you go.

Strategy comes into play when you need to decide where and when to play your action cards!

Zodiac Match

You'll need the help of the internet to create this one. Create cards with a list of traits related to a specific zodiac sign - and see who can match the most! It is a good idea to have at least three cards filled with traits that belong to each zodiac sign, or the game will get a little short.

Many astrology games also involve a deck of cards! Often tarot cards, and you and your friends can see if you can 'see' or 'feel' if anything comes up for those who pull the card from the deck. And there is also astrology bingo too! Where numbers are replaced by signs of the zodiac, stars, moons, the sun, and other celestial symbols.

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