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Is The Circle USA A Real Psychic Or Fake?

Getting a psychic reading has never been simpler. Nowadays, psychic readings have gone online.

Calvin Penwell
Dec 16, 20232583 Shares39131 Views
The Circle USA - Getting a psychic reading has never been simpler.
Nowadays, psychic readingshave gone online.
So, if you need a reading, simply go online to some of the best online psychicsites, book a session with a reader, and you're set.
Online psychicreadingshave numerous advantages, including convenience, affordability, flexibility, and anonymity.
One of the popular Online psychicreadingssites is The Circle USA.
In this article, we will cover The Circle USAreview to find out if they have Real PsychicReadings or fake.
Read on and let's find out.

The Circle USA Overview

Welcome to - Experience the power of a Psychic reading!

Established in 1997, The Circle USA Psychicshas not only been providing readings for many years, but they have also managed to thrive over these years, indicating that they are doing something right.
The primary way that you can reach a psychic using The Circle USA Psychics is through telephone and text chat, and you can pay either through your telephone bill or credit/debit card (for either text chat or calling your psychic).
The different sections of the website are clearly laid out and easy to find. It is a one-stop-shop for all your psychic needs, whether you are looking for articles on specific topics, trying to find a good reader, or want to learn your horoscope. What distinguishes The Circle USA from many other providers is that you can get a reading via internet call, chat, or phone. Furthermore, with apps available, getting a reading on the go is much easier. The Circle USA Psychics also has a fantastic blog full of interesting articles for those interested in psychics, self-development, and esoteric topics.
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Multiple options for connecting with The Circle USA online psychics
  • Browse readers by type of reading or topic
  • Apps available for both iPhone and Android
  • 10 minutes for $0.59 as a welcome bonus
  • Free daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes

The Circle USA Types Of Readings They Offer

A psychic holding cards on the table with some stone ornaments too and The Circle USA logo on the upper left
A psychic holding cards on the table with some stone ornaments too and The Circle USA logo on the upper left
The Circle USA Psychics offers a wide range of readings because they employ a diverse group of skilled psychics. Each psychic may also have a variety of skills that they can bring to their readings that are not categorizable by The Circle USA's main navigation, but you can learn more about them by reading their psychic profiles. Which are packed with information and laid out in a clear, easy-to-navigate format.
Their website clearly explains the various types of readings available, for example, they provide:
  • Psychic Readings - A psychic reading can provide answers to pressing questions about your future.
  • Tarot Readings- The Circle USA tarotreadings are card-based readings that can provide insight into your past, present, and future.
  • Medium Readings - One of The Circle USA's most insightful psychic readings. Medium will connect you with the spirit world, bringing a loved one from the past to you.
  • Astrology Readings - The Circle astrologyreading is based on your birth chart and is a traditional zodiac-based session.
  • ClairvoyanceReadings - A clairvoyant uses their third eye to assist you in answering questions that you are unable to answer on your own.
  • Angel Readings - The psychic will attempt to contact your guardian angel for guidance and healing during an angel card reading.

The Circle USA App

The Circle USA also has an app for Android and iOS that allows you to read on the go. This allows users to streamline their phone and chat reading experiences. Although the reviews in the Apple Store and Google Play Store are generally positive, there are a significant number of users who did not have a positive experience.
The apps appear to lack some of the website's functionality, such as displaying a psychic's pin code or the ability to view previously used readers. Other reviews express technical concerns, such as the app shutting down or not accepting coupon codes. Although the app may be convenient for some users, it appears to lack the professional implementation of other psychic services' apps.
The Circle USA app works much like the website, allowing users to contact readers via phone or live chat. However, some of the website's more informative or convenient features were left out of the app. Users seeking the full range of TheCircle's services should probably visit the website.

The Circle USA: Real Psychic Readings Or Fake

A psychic doing a reading on the crystal ball with words real or fake
A psychic doing a reading on the crystal ball with words real or fake
The Circle USA psychics work hard to provide everything you'd expect and require from a reputable website. If you are dissatisfied with your call for any reason, you are still protected by The Circle USA satisfaction guarantee, which seeks to improve your experience by providing you with a solution just in case one of their psychics is having a bad day – or has deceived the screening process. They have provided the following features to demonstrate their trustworthiness.
  • Client feedback is provided in real-time for each psychic.
  • Satisfaction Guarantees
  • A customer service department that is easy to reach.
  • Psychic monitoring for professionalism and integrity.
  • Before a psychic can read on the site, they go through a rigorous screening process.
  • Loyalty scheme with free minutes.

People Also Ask

Are There Customer Reviews Of Readers?

A man holding a pen drawing stars with The circle logo on the lower left
A man holding a pen drawing stars with The circle logo on the lower left
Yes. Readers' profiles include customer reviews/ratings, as well as the total number of ratings, the number of readings they've completed, and their average rating out of 5 stars. Their ratings are divided into stars, which is a convenient feature. The common criticism that The Circle USA edits and deletes unfavorable ratings, on the other hand, does not inspire confidence.

Can You Leave Feedback Or Rate A Psychic Advisor?

Yes. You can provide feedback and rate their reader on a 5-star scale. The Circle USA, on the other hand, reserves the right to edit or delete any rating or feedback at their sole discretion. Users on third-party review sites have consistently expressed concern about the deletion of unfavorable reviews, and The Circle also states that only the most recent rating/review of a reader by each user is kept on the site.

How Easy (Or Difficult) Is It To Request A Refund?

All you have to do is call The Circle USA's main phone number within 1 hour of the reading to request a refund, and you'll be given the option of connecting to a new reader or receiving a refund to your given payment method. All requests are subject to verification and, once again, only apply to readings that last less than 5 minutes.


Finding a psychic has never been easier thanks to the availability of famous and experienced psychics from all over the world. And, as discussed in this article, The Circle USA is one of the psychic sites to which you can turn; while the readings are generally more expensive than elsewhere, the value you get for your money is worth it.
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