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Shooting For The Stars Meaning - Set High Goals


Shooting for the stars meaning is to establish a lofty goal or objective when trying to accomplish anything.

Depending on the activity at hand, the aim may change, but the adage itself is often applicable.

Shoot for the stars is something you can say when you wish to acquire a great career later in life or when you want to "shoot for the stars" and one day be a professional athlete. In any case, the bar is always set high.

The English language has many idioms and sayings.

Learners of English will benefit from knowing more about the language and what native speakers say, but sometimes the sayings might be hard to understand without knowing what they mean.

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So let's examine "aim for the stars" and examine its meaning.

Definition Of Shoot For The Stars

It can be defined as attempting to achieve or obtain something extremely challenging to achieve or obtain.

Full Moon And Stars In Sky
Full Moon And Stars In Sky

What Does Shoot For The Stars Mean?

This inspiring statement tells us to set our sights high, strive for the best outcome, work hard to make it happen, and even if we ultimately fail, we will still benefit from it.

This quotation encourages us to dream big while we are sometimes frightened to do so. Dream big, then.

“Shooting for the stars” is symbolic, or we can say it is a metaphor. You're not aiming for the stars.

Instead, you are establishing a high standard.

Shooting star Meaning

Where Did The Phrase "Shoot For The Stars" Come From?

"Reach for the moon" was the previous expression used before "shoot for the stars".

The goal was always to reach for something that was just out of reach to inspire oneself or others to work hard to follow their dreams.

It makes sense to exhort people to reach for the "moon" and the "stars" since they are both outsides of our natural environment and because they are the highest possible targets or goals.

When people began to choose the adage "shoot for the stars" over "reach for the moon," it is not entirely clear when this began.

However, it has unquestionably gained popularity over the past several decades, and many today use it as a way to support someone they know who may be struggling with any endeavor.

Today, you may still use any pronunciation of "reach for the moon" without anyone objecting; it just depends on which one you like.

Both sayings likely originated in the late 19th or early 20th century, long before there was any possibility of a lunar landing.

The phrase "reach for the moon" was used since it appeared like an impossibility.

People believed that striving higher would make more sense now that we have completed the moonwalk.

Because we've never gotten to a star before, the phrase "shoot for the stars" was coined.

Sky Full of Stars
Sky Full of Stars

How To Use “Shoot For The Stars” In Sentences?

Here are some examples of how we can use this metaphor in sentences;

When it comes to bolstering our understanding of the language, particularly when it comes to the sayings and idioms that people use, we enjoy making use of examples.

There will be ten different applications of the proverb shown here, one for each of the ten situations.

It is my sincere hope that you will pick up a bit or two about how it should be used in a sentence.

You might also find out more about the expected situation, which you should always use as a kind of encouragement.

A few of the sentences are given below, in which you can see how we can use the metaphor "shoot for the stars."

No matter what happens, we should never stop believing in ourselves and “shoot for the stars”. If you don't “shoot for the stars," you won't ever get there.

If you “shoot for the stars," reaching for the stars is not an impossible feat. We believe in you. “Shoot for the stars”!

If you want to come out on top of the competition next week, you have to “shoot for the stars.” Kid, you should “shoot for the stars." You'll be famous one day.

It was just intended to be a two-mile run, but you ended up going for a five-mile run. You decided that you would “shoot for the stars."

You need to “shoot for the stars” and strive to gain admission to the most prestigious college in the state.

Never give up, and “shoot for the stars” at all times.

To guarantee that he will succeed in practice, he always “shoots for the stars."

People Also Ask

What Does Seeing A Shooting Star Symbolize?

A shooting star can indicate that you will soon experience transformation, good fortune, fertility, and love.

What Does “Shoot For The Stars” Mean To You?

It means setting your goals or ambitions very high.

Why Should You Shoot For The Moon?

A sense of purpose is a craft in its own right, and in its most developed form, it might even be considered an art. Aiming for the moon can assist us in developing this sense.


When you set your objectives, you should strive to make them as challenging as possible, just like the term "shoot for the stars," which indicates aiming exceedingly high.

When trying to accomplish anything challenging, it might be helpful to set an ambitious goal for oneself.

Some people discover that this strategy does not work for them because they become disappointed whenever they are unable to accomplish what they have set out to do.

The imperative tense is the most common form of usage for this phrase. This is because other people want you to strive for the highest goals possible.

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