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Numerology House Number 3 [Secrets Revealed]


In this article, numerology house number 3 will be discussed at length. We discuss who’s best suited for this house number and tips on decorating your home.

If you have a home that adds up to three, like 21 or 12, or contains a 3, your creativity will be at its best.

This is why creative folks such as artists, musicians, innovators, and creative writers should consider living in such a home.

This sort of environment will be all you need to unleash your full creativity and perform practice and make your art.

These homes are also great for those who get bored easily and need something fun and exciting every day in their lives.

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They are the types who love to try new things, experiment with new hobbies and interests.

Who is Best Suited for Numerology House Number 3?


This special number is ruled by planet Jupiter and is a magnetic force for fun-loving, spirited people.

Houses ruled by 3 are awesome for creative types or those that would like to become more creative in their daily lives.

If you are a photographer, actor, musician, artist, video game designer, writer, or even in advertising, this is a great place for you to consider living.

This is a home that is designed to help people be creative inside and out.

These homes are great for self-expression.

Therefore, writers should consider living here, as the writer’s block will not come very often.

Playwrights and dancers should also consider living here and creating space to express themselves appropriately, as the vibrations of the house will make it much easier to do so.

Are you not creative but seeking to become that way?

The vibrations of a house of 3 can help.

You might become more creative than you are used to, or you might find yourself pursuing new hobbies and interests and feeling your life change positively.

You might develop an interest in travel or find that you enjoy doing watercolors despite having never been much of an artist.

It can also promote creativity and closeness among family members: if your family enjoys vlogging, for instance, or you want to create something together as a family like a garden, a house of 3 is the perfect place to do it.

Children who grow up in such a home will enjoy creativity in their work, whether at school or during their free time.

Who is Not Suited for the House of 3?

If you are a person who is independent and prefers not to be overly creative in your daily life, a home with numerology 3 is not a good fit.

If you’re happy with just what you have and being very down-to-earth and logical, then the house of 3 should be avoided in favor of something more suitable for your personality.

It’s not ideal for people who enjoy the quietness of both the environment and their minds.

Numerology 3 houses tend to be noisy in terms of actual figurative activity and the “inner voices” of the creative folks that live there hard at work thinking about their next move at whatever project they are pursuing.

How to Decorate A Home With Numerology 3?


It would be best to put many potted plants around the home, as this promotes fresh air, positivity, and creativity.

Natural colors to foster your natural creativity and make you feel at home are a great idea, as are pastel colors (especially for young children).

It would help if you looked for paintings that feature these colors, plus bright hues also.

The goal here is to be creative, not necessarily coordinated.

After all, you have to make a space for yourself that makes you feel at your best.

Cautions for House of 3

Creativity can sometimes get in the way of obligations such as cleaning, upkeep of the property, and more.

Make sure you are carving out time each week for house repair, cleaning, and clearing of old food and objects from the home so it stays healthy and safe.

Make sure to carve out time for oneself and family members/friends living in the home devoted to relaxation.

Creativity is exhausting and inspiration can keep you up all night. Be sure your loved ones get adequate rest.

Do not let your family get too caught up in their creativity that they fail to spend time and connect.


Final Thoughts

The house of 3 is one of creativity, togetherness, and lots of activity.

If you prefer a quiet place where things stay relatively low-key, this is not the place for you!

It is ideal for creative types or those looking to become more creative in some way, whether that means discovering a new interest or rekindling old hobbies and talents.

Do you want to know more about your numerology chart and life path number?

You can get a free numerology video report that reveals a fully personalized and multi-sensory journey into your unique numerology by examining the 3 core numbers in your chart.

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