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Dreaming About Feet - A Symbol Of Moral Standing


Dreaming about feetis a metaphor for solidity and foundation. Maybe you should keep both feet on the ground and be more realistic and practical when you are awake. On the other side, feet represent independence, freedom, and mobility.

It's conceivable that you recently made a positive move and are now considering your future and where you want to be. Consider what it means to "put your foot in your mouth." Have you recently spoken out of turn to someone, or do you do this frequently?

If this has previously gotten you into trouble, it could be a good idea to think before you speak to respect other people's sentiments. Whoever it was who was kissing your feet is committed to you in real life. Do you have to demonstrate your love for them in return for it? Are you taking them at their word that they'll support you?

Symbolism Of Dreaming About Feet

Person Standing Barefooted On Sand
Person Standing Barefooted On Sand

Your life's mission becomes more apparent when you dreaming about feet. It serves as a reminder of the actions you should take and the routes you must take to realize your plans and goals.

As you attempt to understand this dream, pay special attention to the specifics it presents. This shouldn't be a complicated dream scenario, even though many of them can be. This relates to the things you can do to improve your chances of moving up in life.

Interpretation Of Dreaming About Feet

Dreaming about feet have been amputated denotes suffering and harm to others. Dreaming of seeing children's feet denotes achievement. A foot issue, such as an ulcer, is a signthat you won't be in financial trouble.

You need to develop your power and psychic strength if you dream that your toes are long. You should stick to your values if you dream that your feet are being amputated. You might relate losing one's self-confidence in life to losing one's feet.

You may be able to relate your inner feelings to the feet that are being sliced. A baby's feet are a sign of friendship. Injuring your feet in a dream portends potential torture.

Hidden Meanings Of Dreaming About Feet

Our moral position is correlated with our feet in dreams. Dreams about your feet might provide insight into your inner thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. A possible disease or accident in waking life is indicated by becoming paralyzed in the legs or feet.

Many sailors and merchants reported having dreams about gangrene or having their feet amputated in the early dream dictionaries; this was an emphasis on other people's happiness.

Dream Of Kissing Feet

This dream suggests that someone is willing to support you in realizing your goals and is committed to your cause. Because of the broad support network you have, you can deal with the issues in your life.

Dream Of Smelly Feet

You are at a disadvantage as a result of your actions and attitude. This dream is urging you to make changes so that you can put more emphasis on your progress. Healthy interactions are a requirement if you want to get the assistance you require for your attempts.

Dream Of Someone Smelling Your Feet

Someone is recording your movements and plans in a database. Depending on how this dream makes you feel, you can decide if it's good for you. If you are upset about it, it indicates that the person is acting with ulterior motives. Every time they do, they will disparage your work.

MEANING OF DREAM FEET : Interpretation & Symbolism

People Also Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Dreaming About Feet?

A foot-related dream is a symbol of stability and grounding.

What Is The Deeper Symbolism Of Dreaming About Feet?

You learn more about your life's purpose when you have foot-related dreams. It serves as a reminder of the steps you need to take and the directions you need to follow to carry out your plans and objectives.

What Is The Meaning Of The Dream Of Kissing Feet?

This dream means that someone is dedicated to your cause and willing to help you achieve your goals.


Dreaming about feet denotes successful labor, wholesome and wise thinking, and tenacious and patient actions. Crippled feet indicate terrible news and despair; hairy feet imply a major crime's acquittal. Business success is indicated by the presence of girls' feet. Women's feet symbolize lifelong struggles; washing feet indicates financial success.

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