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14 Days Fasting In The Bible - How Does It Work?


14 days fasting in the biblehas been the custom of refraining from eating for spiritual reasons for countless years. Going without food as a spiritual practice may seem unusual if you're used to eating "three square meals a day." But at the time the Bible was written, fasting was a fairly prevalent religious practice.

In both the Old Testament (written before Jesus' career, death, and resurrection), as well as the New Testament, fasting is referenced several times (written after). But when Christians talk about fasting, two significant texts often come up: one from Jesus and one from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. However, none of these chapters provides precise instructions on how to fast. Instead, both concentrate on the fasting person's heart.

14 Days Fasting In The Bible Significance

Fasting awakens you to the reality that you are so often driven by your fleshly desires and appetites. It humbles you and awakens you to your great need for and reliance on God. As you consider fasting, you want to encourage yourself to listen to the Holy Spirit. Ask God to lead you in this time of seeking his face.

It doesn't matter whether you want to fast for a single day, many days, or all 14 days the goal is to become more contrite and closer to God. Here are some ideas of what you could choose.

  • You might choose a selective fast, eliminating certain things from your diet. Eating only fruits and vegetables, what some might call a “Daniel fast,” is an example of this type of fasting.
  • If you are unable to fast from food, you may feel directed by the Lord to fast from something else, such as social media, television, or certain hours or activities on your phone. Whatever you decide to fast from, it should be something significant that you usually rely on.

The Spiritual Purpose Of 14 Days Fasting In The Bible

Although many individuals fast in order to lose weight, a spiritual fast is not meant to be a diet. Instead, fasting offers the believer special spiritual advantages. As one resists the natural appetites of the body, fasting takes restraint and discipline. When Christian practices spiritual fasting, their attention is sharply directed on God rather than the material possessions of this world.

Round Blue and White Ceramic Plate, Two Forks, Two Knives, and Wine Glass
Round Blue and White Ceramic Plate, Two Forks, Two Knives, and Wine Glass

Purpose Of 14 Days Fasting

The values that you have put into practice over the course of these last 14 days are not difficult to uphold over the long run. It is not difficult at all to make devotional practices like prayer, fasting, and personal worship a regular part of one's day. During the last twenty-one days, you've made room for God to occupy that place in your life.

The best approach to proceed with these practices is to maintain that area in its current configuration forever. Don't let it become cluttered with other things if you can help it! Maintain that intimate time and space with God, and make spending time with him a daily priority. If you are now living your greatest life spiritually, you have the ability to live your best life right now!

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What Fasting Is Not About

The purpose of spiritual fasting is not to win God's favor or to coerce him into doing any action on your behalf. Instead, the goal is to bring about a change in yourselves that will result in your attention being sharper and more concentrated, and your reliance upon God increasing accordingly.

Never let your fasting serve as a public demonstration of your piety; rather, keep it a private matter between you and God. In point of fact, Jesus gave you the explicit instruction that your fasting should be done in secret and with a spirit of humility, lest you miss out on the advantages. And although abstinence from food was a symbol of grief in the Old Testament.

People Also Ask

Does The Bible Say How Many Days To Fast?

According to the Bible, Jesus had a 40-day and 40-night fast.

Why Does God Want Us To Fast?

Fasting is most often mentioned in the Bible as the natural, unavoidable reaction of God's people to a painful, holy time in life, such as death, sin, or disaster.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits Of Fasting?

Fasting purifies the soul, develops the intellect, submits the body to the spirit, makes the heart humble and contrite, and disperses the clouds of avarice.


14 days fasting in the bible is one of the most effective spiritual weapons that Christians use. You just cannot have a connection to God via prayer or personal devotions on your own. You have to fast. When you fast, you get a revelation of God's Word that you just cannot receive in any other manner.

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