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What Is The Truth About My Guardian Angels And Their Influence?

We know very little about guardian angels. We always hear about them. We'll show you the truth about my Guardian angels.

Calvin Penwell
Dec 21, 20231746 Shares75921 Views
Guardian angels are spiritual guides who can help you find your way in the world. Have you ever asked, "What's thetruth about my guardian angels?"
Think of guardian angels as divine life coaches. Once you get to know your guardian angels, it will be much easier to feel their presence and know when they are trying to help you.
Christian tradition says that we all have a guardian angel who is with us from the time we are born until the time we die. This angel is with us at all times of our lives.

10 Truth About My Guardian Angels

Angels Like To Get Dressed Up

If you're like me, you might think angels have wings and haloes or look like babies. Both of these are wrong. Angels are pure spirits, so they don't have any kind of body. But angels will take on human bodies when they need to. This idea of a body is kind of like how we dress up for Halloween, except that their costume is perfect.

They Are Very Smart

Angels don't think as humans do. Angels, just know right away that God loves everyone. They don't go through any steps in between, they just get to the end. They always have new ideas. Because of this, they are always thinking about things like people, God, and other angels.

They’re Probably Laughing At You Right Now

Angels find things very funny because they are so smart. The more you know, the more puns you can make, the more irony you can find, and the more things will make you laugh. Angels don't laugh at us to be mean. They just find it funny that we do so many strange things.

Angels Are Snowflakes

As in, every single angel is different and unique, so much so that each one could be thought of as a separate species. This means that each angel has a personality that is very different from the others.

Angels Can't Get Bored

Angels don't have chronological time because they are outside of our space-time. Since they are part of the immaterial world, they never have to wait and can't get bored. Not only that, but guardian angels never get bored because they are always watching people, and people never stop, they just keep going.

They Care About Us

It makes sense that love comes after knowledge. Because angels can think (they are conscious) and choose (they have free will), they want what's best for us, which is exactly what love is. They want nothing else but for us to go to heaven, where we belong.

Angels Are Telepaths

Since they don't have bodies, they can't talk to each other. Instead, they send each other their thoughts instantly.

Angels Are Always In Contact With God

Even when they listen to us, they are giving God the glory and learning what God wants them to know. Since they don't live in space, they can be in more than one place at the same time. This means they work on earth but never leave heaven.

Angels Are More Beautiful Than We Could Ever Think

They are more beautiful than we are because they are more like God than we are, and God is Beauty. Artists try to show how beautiful angels are, but they can never come close because nothing in this world can describe or show such beauty.

Angels Don't Have A Gender

Gender is based on biology and has nothing to do with a person's spirit or personality. On the other hand, masculinity and femininity have nothing to do with biology.
This means that some angels may have more feminine or masculine personalities, but that doesn't mean they are male or female. All of the angels in the Bible look like men.
This is probably because back then, men were seen as the leaders. The jobs that angels did, like keeping watch and delivering messages, were also done by men back then.

Truth About My Guardian Angels FAQs

Is There An Angel Assigned To Me?

The Lord hasn't said if each person has a specific angel watching over them, but you can be sure that you are protected and comforted by God. If you have faith, God will help you, and angels will come to strengthen you, make you feel better, and give you the courage to do what is right.

How Many Guardian Angels Does Each Person Have?

Angels connect people to heaven while they are in their bodies, and each person has at least two guardian angels and two bad spirits.

Does My Guardian Angel Have A Name?

Your angel has a name, but it is holy and mysterious. God doesn't tell people the name of their guardian angel for a reason. We might think it's strange, but we don't have to worry about it because we have a guardian angel who is always there for us.


So, what is the truth about my guardian angels? Now that you know the truth about guardian angels, you should say hello to him or her and thank God for giving you such a strong protector and personal guide.
Parents should think about guardian angels more than anyone else. We can ask our guardian angel for help when we're losing patience with a child.
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