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How Can A Trauma Tarot Spread Help Uncover Healing Paths?

Tarot reading is often thought of as a means of divination, but it can also be a very useful tool for examining psychological problems. This is where the trauma tarot spread can be useful. Past traumas are one such problem that almost everyone has to deal with on some degree.

Calvin Penwell
Dec 21, 20237610 Shares101466 Views
Trauma is a defining moment in life that can be challenging to navigate. It could seem as though your world has been turned upside down while you are recovering from trauma. The good news is that a trauma tarot spreadexists that was created especially for treating these wounds. The transcendent aspect of art soothes and cures the spirit.
When you are ready for the messages the cards have to provide, they will gently guide you along your path of recovery. You can employ healing Tarotspreads to assist you in gaining crucial insights into your trauma and your course of action.
We'll talk about healing tarot spreads and how they can be useful when coping with stress or depression in this blog post.

The Purpose Of The Healing Spread

A hand holding queen of wands tarot card and other tarot cards on the table
A hand holding queen of wands tarot card and other tarot cards on the table
Most people have experienced some kind of trauma in the past, which can leave emotional blocks. These problems can make it hard to fully enjoy and take part in life.
By looking at the parts of life that don't change, the Healing Spread can be a powerful way to discover and even get rid of these emotional blocks. These fixed areas, which are different for each person, show what still needs to be worked out. These problems that haven't been fixed are emotional blocks.
For this particular Tarot spread, you should be in a place where you feel safe, secure, and at ease. Make sure you have enough time to finish the spread in peace and quiet
You should also give yourself time to think about the information this spread gave you and to look at any feelings or memories that came up as a result.

Prepare Yourself

This tarot readingis meant to help you understand what happened to cause the trauma, how you reacted to it at the time, what happened afterward, and how this trauma still affects your life.
So you can move on, it's important to understand both the trauma and how you feel about it now. Find a way to break out of the pattern this has made and make a better future for yourself.
This post is meant to help you, but it's not the only thing you can do. It is not the same as getting help from a professional. Don't be afraid to get more help from a professional to deal with trauma.
Prepare your space. Use crystals, candles, and maybe even music to set the mood. If you're going to be working with your pendulum, have it ready. Don't forget to write down what you've learned so that the same mistakes won't be made again.

Trauma Tarot Spread For Healing

A hand holding a tarot card with candles
A hand holding a tarot card with candles
Take a deep breath before you mix up the cards. Mix the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana until you are happy. There is no special way to mix the Tarot.
After being mixed up, all 78 Tarot cardsshould be spread out in a fan shape with their backs down. Select six cards and place them face up on a black cloth. The Healing Trauma Tarot Spread will be based on these six cards.
Each of the Healing Spread's six spots means something different. These are the positions and what they mean:
  • Emotional Block: This card shows the biggest emotional block, problem, or trauma from the past. Most likely, this block is stopping you from moving forward.
  • Past Relationships: This card looks at how your emotional block has impacted the relationships you've had in the past.
  • Present Relationships:This card shows how your emotional block is affecting your current relationships and your personal growth.
  • Revelation: This card shows what new things you can learn from the way you're looking into your hidden emotional blocks right now.
  • Guidance:This card tells you what you can do, emotionally or otherwise, to get past your own personal blocks and promote healthy emotional growth.
  • Spiritual Lesson: This card looks at the spiritual lesson you can learn from exploring your hidden emotional blocks right now.
The Healing Spread is a bit different from most other Tarot spreads. It is meant to help you figure out what is stopping you from moving on with your life and having fun. Even though the Tarot can't heal these wounds for you, it might be able to show you how to start the process.

Trauma Tarot Spread FAQs

Can You Do Tarot Spreads For Yourself?

Yes, it's true. Tarot is a method that helps us understand our current situations better, listen to our intuition, and predict what might happen.

Do You Need To Cleanse Tarot Cards?

Every time you take it out to read. It is best to clean your deck every time you do a reading to get the most accurate results. Whether you're reading for yourself or someone else, it's always best to start with a cleanse to get the cards ready for your reading.

What Tarot Card Is Associated With Healing?

The Magician, I: Stands for making things happen, healing, being spiritual, and having a connection to the divine.


When doing this trauma tarot spread, you should always be aware of what's going on around you. You want to make sure you are in a place that makes you feel safe and calm.
It's also important to give yourself enough uninterrupted time to practice this tarot spread. Make sure you give yourself time to think about what your tarot reading means and to deal with any feelings or memories that come up.
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