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Thunder Only Happens When It Rains? What Is It's Dream Interpretation


Thunder only happens when it rains suggests friendliness. Concerning some parts of your life, you must move on. Spend some time unwinding and calming your mind. Your dream suggests that you are in danger from an unseen source.

You are under pressure to make a significant decision or adjustment. The combination of thunder and rain represents the spiritual energy in your life. You are preparing for a significant period in your life.

You believe that a strong force is dominating or bullying you. A new connection, new beginnings, or a potential marriage are all suggested by the dream. You discover that you spend the majority of your time at home and are unable to leave as often.

Symbolism Of Thunder Only Happens When It Rains

Dreams with thunder and rain depict the possibilities, choices, and decisions you face in life. You might be suppressing your rage and irritation rather than letting it out. Before the situation spirals out of hand, you need to find a useful approach to convey your feelings.

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Your dream is a sign that you are the target of sarcasm and criticism. You are hiding your genuine self from those around you. Dreaming of thunder and rain portends successful romantic relationships.

You are flaunting yourself and creating a scene. A new day and a fresh start have arrived. The meaning of the dream is family, harmony, and respect. You are receiving a message through a conduit from your subconscious.

Seashore Scenery with lighting in the distance
Seashore Scenery with lighting in the distance

Hidden Dream Meanings Of Thunder Only Happens When It Rains

Thunder only happens when it rains are metaphors for your own emotions. Typically, a thunderstorm emerges following a thunderclap. Thunderstorms in dreams are interpreted in the same way as thunder in waking life: as an emotion.

On the one hand, some dreams create lovely scenarios and pique your curiosity; on the other hand, some dreams issue a warning. A violet storm denotes irrational emotions, and how one weathers the storm is a sign of potential conflict. Emotional stress will result from this struggle.

Islamic Meaning Of Rain In Dream

In general, dreaming of rain is a hint that dead matters will be revived. The rain symbolizes relief and a successful year for farmers and peasants in particular. And especially if it occurs correct season. The Holy Quran and God's mercy are also referenced to rain in the appropriate season.

However, the rain could also represent calamities and scourges that descend from the sky, such as locust swarms, hailstones, and tempests, particularly if they are depicted as having a fire or if the surrounding waters are extremely hot.

Blood rain does definitely portend dissension, scheming, and bloodbaths. The rain that falls out of season is likewise disastrous.

Thunderstorm Dream Interpretation

A thunderstorm in your dream could represent a problem in your life that you feel has slipped out of your control. It can show how upset you are or how frustrated you are that you can't deal with certain difficult people or situations in your waking life.

A similar dream can also be a sign that you've been holding back some emotions, like rage. You are essentially mired in the past. Because of the bitterness of your past, you are unable to apply your sincere efforts and good intentions to things that can result in better and more positive changes in your current life.

People Also Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Thunder Only Happening When It Rains?

Thunder and rain in dreams represent kindness. You have to let go of a particular aspect of your life.

What Is The Hidden Dream Meaning Of Thunder Only Happening When It Rains?

Dream thunderstorms are perceived as emotions, just like waking-life thunder.

What Is The Islamic Meaning Of Rain In A Dream?

Rain in a dream typically signifies the resurrection of something that has been dead. For farmers and peasants, in particular, the rain represents relief and the beginning of a prosperous year.


The thunder only happens when it rains serve as a reminder of the uncontrolled portions of your existence. You must take action in your life to restore everything to its proper position, just as storms clean the air.

Before taking any action, you must determine where the problems originate. This will give you the ability to take the necessary steps to put your life on an even keel.

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