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What Is The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning?


The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaningtells us that she sits in front of a thin pomegranate-adorned veil.

The veil separates the conscious and subconscious domains, the visible and invisible, and helps to keep outsiders out.

Only those who have been initiated are allowed to enter. The pomegranates on the veil are a signof plenty, fertility, and the divine feminine, and they are devoted to Persephone, who was forced to return every year after eating a pomegranate seed in the underworld.

The high priestess's tarotcard meaning tells us about her wearing a blue gown with a cross on her breast and a horned diadem (or crown) as a sign of her heavenly wisdom and rulership.


She has a scroll in her lap with the letter TORA on it, which stands for the Greater Law (according to A. E. Waite).

It's partially hidden, implying that this divine knowledge is both explicit and implicit and that it will only be disclosed when the pupil is ready to see beyond the material sphere.

The crescent moon at her feet represents her connection to the divine feminine, as well as her intuition and subconscious mind, as well as the moon's natural cycles.

Tarot Cards on a Wooden Table
Tarot Cards on a Wooden Table

What Does The High Priestess Card Mean In A Tarot Deck

The high priestess tarotcard meaning is the second trump, or Major Arcana card, in the tarot deck.

The card is both powerful and alluring, and it represents sexuality, intrigue, and overall higher power.

The high priestess tarot card meaning is encircled by a pomegranate-studded veil.

The veil serves as a barrier between the visible and invisible worlds, as well as a deterrent to invaders. Only those who have been invited are allowed to attend.

The pomegranates on the veil symbolize plenty, fertility, and the divine feminine, and are sacred to Persephone, who was bound to return every year after eating a pomegranate seed in the underworld.

The entrance to the sacred and magical temple is marked by two pillars on either side of the High Priestess (similar to the Temple of Solomon).

On the black pillar, the letter 'B' represents 'Boaz,' which means' in his strength, 'while on the white one, the letter 'J' stands for 'Jachin,' which means' he shall establish.'

The pillars' black and white colors represent duality, implying that admission to the holy area demands acceptance and comprehension of duality.

The high priestess tarot card meaning tells us about blue robes and horned diadem, or crown, which symbolize both her celestial wisdom and her status as a divine queen.

According to A.E. Waite, the letters TORA inscribed on the scroll she holds in her lap represent the Greater Law.

It is partially veiled, indicating that this spiritual understanding is both conscious and unconscious and that it will be revealed when the learner is ready to go beyond material reality.

The crescent at her feet signifies her connection to the moon's natural cycles as a symbol of connection to the divine feminine, intuition, and subconscious mind.

Playing Cards On A Table
Playing Cards On A Table

The High Priestess Meaning Love

The high priestess tarot card meaning is the tarot deck's second trump, or Major Arcana card. The card signifies sensuality, mystery, and overall higher power, and is both powerful and enticing.

The High Priestess frequently indicates in reading that it is appropriate to withdraw and ponder on the matter at hand, trusting your inner instincts to lead you through it.

When the High Priestess reversed Tarot is used in a love situation, you will still be much desired by others, but you may mistrust their motivations or feel uncomfortable with the attention.

If you're in a relationship, you should expect uncontrollable emotional outbursts and heightened sexual tension.

If you find yourself losing patience with your partner or looking for arguments, take some time for yourself.

While many tarot cardssuggest taking action or making a move, the High Priestess is a card of nonaction, suggesting that whoever receives it should think about stepping back.

Rather than trying to dominate the story, look for potential and opportunities.

Shot of a Woman Holding Gold Cards
Shot of a Woman Holding Gold Cards

What Does Justice And The High Priestess Mean In Tarot Cards

Justice and the High Priestess have one thing in common: everything is in order.

Justice looks for imperfections in everything in order to discover its immaculate core. In order to embrace all, the High Priestess learns the secret of everything as it is.

Everything must be judged on its genuine character and essence, with nothing hidden, suppressed, or twisted.

It weighs and measures incessantly, content with nothing less than the obvious, absolute, and irreducible in everything.

With its sword and scales, Justice is steadfast and unyielding, loud and clear in its crimson, bold and sure on its throne, guarding the entry to the temple of perfection's mysteries.

The High Priestess seeks out the commonalities in all things, the hidden uniting core concealed under the unending variety of detail.

She painstakingly seeks out what is authentic, original, and undisturbed in all its differences.

With her scroll and cross, the high priestess tarot card meaning tells us about accepting and inclusive, peaceful and tranquil in her blueness, brave and sure on her throne, guarding the door to the temple of final knowledge.

Justice can be given to fury and haste if it is unintegrated and inadequately realized; it can become haughty and hypercritical, offended and spiteful, or unsure and vacillating.

The High Priestess can be an arrogant know-it-all, sullen and taciturn, secretive and unapproachable;

she can be despondent and lost or given to excess and heedless of consequences; she can be despairing and lost or given to excess and thoughtless of consequences.

They share a desire for the ideal, the ultimate, and they seek it in a variety of ways.

They are always on the lookout for the truth, and in order to find it, they are driven to esoteric studies and unorthodox pathways.

The High Priestess Tarot Card Reading and Meaning

The High Priestess Yes Or No

The tarot card of the High Priestess provides a clear response to a "yes or no" query.

"When it's for the greater good,". The reason for a desire's existence is crucial to its success.

It's up to you whether you're looking for something particular or want to accomplish something that will benefit you and others in the long run.

The High Priestess is a spiritually perceptive lady brimming with mystery, knowledge, and insight.

The presence of this card in your spread indicates a path of self-discovery.

She represents things in your life that you have yet to uncover, thus the answer to your query is ambiguous.

People Also Ask

What Does The High Priestess Mean In Tarot?

The High Priestess card meaning is connected with secrets, mystery, and the future as yet unrevealed; the lady who intrigues the querent according to A. E. Waite's 1910 book Pictorial Key to the Tarot.

What Is The High Priestess Associated With?

The Tarot's High Priestess is associated with inside in order to emerge with healing understanding.

Does The High Priestess Card Mean Yes Or No?

The High Priestess tarot card provides a decisive answer in a 'yes or no' reading: "Yes, if it is for the greater good." The motivation for a desire is really important.


The meaning of the high priestess tarot card is one of the most perplexing in the deck.

While this card indicates that secrets exist, it may also conceal information from you. It's a little perplexing at times.

If you see this card, you must either find equilibrium in your current situation or wait for the future to reveal itself to you rather than try to discover it.

There are certain things you must answer and discover on your own, without the assistance of others, and with a clean mind.

Sometimes all you need to solve an issue is a gentle reminder to take a step back and go over the specifics again.

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