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How Does The Reversed Position Affect The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning?

The hermit tarot card meaning is a well-known Major Arcana card, but only a tiny percentage of tarot readers understand its complete meaning.

Calvin Penwell
Jan 11, 20241319 Shares45494 Views
The hermit tarot card meaningis a well-known Major Arcana card, but only a tiny percentage of tarotreaders understand its complete meaning.
You must be able to connect with others on a deep level in order to thrive.
Nonetheless, there will be times when we must turn away from others rather than toward them.
People often assume that the Hermit card has a negative meaning and that it invokes negative emotions such as loneliness in their imaginations.
Even though the opposite is also true, the hermit is a signof restoring your inner authority and living authentically.
On the mountainside, there is no one except the hermit. His spiritual enlightenment, progress, and prosperity are symbolized by the snow-covered mountain range.
As a result, he has progressed in his self-discovery journey to a greater degree of awareness.
In his right hand, he holds a six-pointed star-shaped lamp. The Seal of Solomon is the name given to this star.
The hermit tarot cardmeans illuminated by the lamp as he travels along with it, but it only shows the next few feet and not the complete journey.
For some, the hermit tarot card meaning in love interpretationadvises that we should spend some time alone before becoming romantically attached to another person.
You may feel lonely during this period, but it will help you find the love you've been looking for throughout your life.
Recognizing that not everything can be revealed at the same time, you must take the initial step forward to see where things will go from here.
The hermit holds a lengthy staff in his left hand as a sign of his dominance. It symbolizes his subconscious mind, which he uses to both lead and balance himself.

The Hermit Tarot Card Upright Card Keywords

The hermit tarot card meaning indicates that you are taking a vacation from your daily routine in order to focus your energy and attention within and discover the answers you seek deep within your soul.
You recognize that your deepest sense of truth and wisdom is located inside yourself, not in the world's diversions.
You leave the humdrum behind and go on a self-discovery adventure guided solely by your inner knowledge and guiding light.
Now is a great time to go on a weekend retreat, a religious pilgrimage, or anything else that allows you to reflect on your goals, personal beliefs, and ideals while becoming closer to your true self.
The hermit tarot card meaning enables you to retire into your own personal space and enjoy a deep sense of solitude and reflection.
You understand that you must go alone or with a small, intimate group of spiritually inclined individuals.
You will hear the answers you need and grow knowledgeable beyond your years if you allow yourself to tune in to your inner, guiding light.
Find your light, let it shine on your spirit, and forge your own path. You'll be able to see what's ahead of you, not for miles, but just enough to know where to go next. From there, take one step at a time.
The Hermit frequently appears when you are at a crossroads in your life and contemplating a new path.
You may begin to re-evaluate your own objectives and adjust your entire direction via meditation, introspection, and self-examination. You'll have a deeper, more spiritual perspective on your existence, and some of your priorities may shift as a consequence.
The urge to break away from a consumerist or materialistic culture and focus on your inner world is likewise represented by the hermit.
Have you watched (or read) the movie Into the Wild?
Christopher McCandless, a great student, and athlete abandons his things, donates his whole $24,000 bank account to charity, and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness alone after graduating from university.
While his narrative had a terrible ending, his trip into the wilderness was similar to that of The Hermit, who seeks answers inside himself and realizes that they can only be found in silence and alone.
Finally, the hermit may come into your life as a spiritual mentor to help you increase your vibration and expand your consciousness.
While he may be an expert in his own right, the beauty of this mentor is that he will show you how to locate your answers within yourself.
A Person Holding Gemstones And A Table Full Of Tarot Cards And Gemstones
A Person Holding Gemstones And A Table Full Of Tarot Cards And Gemstones

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

When you've pushed isolation and solitude to the extreme and pulled yourself too far away from the world, you'll see the Hermit inverted.
As a result, The Hermit reversed might represent a moment of self-awareness and introspection that has devolved into loneliness.
You can feel lost on your path because you feel like you're just going through the motions to get by as if your life has lost purpose.
You might want to spend some time reflecting on how far you are from yourself, other people, and your mission.
When the Hermit is reversed, it might also mean that you are not paying enough attention or care to some aspects of your life, such as your work, finances, personal relationships, and so on.
It's also possible that you've put too much emphasis on one aspect of your life to the detriment of all others.
So you've ended up in a box of some sort.
You'll need to come out and work on obtaining a better balance in all areas of your life at some point.
Woman in Black Long Sleeves Sitting In Front Of A Table with Playing Cards And Candles
Woman in Black Long Sleeves Sitting In Front Of A Table with Playing Cards And Candles

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Love

One of life's greatest mysteries, love, can be a wonderful teacher. It necessitates that we all get to know ourselves, our wants, anxieties, and insecurities.
The hermit tarot card meaning in love interpretation might indicate that we may need some time alone to get insight into ourselves before creating a strong loving relationship with someone else.
This phase may feel lonely at times, but it will set you on the path to discovering the love of your life.
If you're already in a relationship, you and your partner might want to conduct some soul-searching together.
Both of you should consider what you want from a relationship and what would make you happier.
The early discussions may be painful, but they will provide the groundwork for facing the future.

Reversed Love And Relationships

The reversed Hermit tarot love interpretation might represent a period of loneliness that is imposed on you rather than one that you initiate.
While this period may be challenging, making the most of it may help you focus on your own objectives and define what you desire in a relationship and in life.
These will serve as the foundation for a solid future partnership.
If you're already in a relationship, you may notice that one of you is becoming distant and fading away.
Despite everyone's efforts, one of the couples may feel alone. Now is the time to investigate these dynamics and see if you can help.
Attention, care, and a healthy dose of self-awareness may be required to re-establish a sense of connection.

The Hermit Tarot Card Meaning Yes Or No

When the Hermit appears in your tarot reading, it usually denotes a period of reflection and seclusion.
There are a few fascinating insights to be gained from this tarot card if you're seeking a simple 'yes or no response.
The Hermit tarot card is usually associated with the word 'no.'
Turning inwards and not making any substantial movements right now might be interpreted as a clear indication of encouragement.
Before making any significant decisions, it's necessary to put things in perspective and ponder.
The Hermit is a tarot card that highlights the value of regularly spending time alone.
Even while being alone might be challenging and even uncomfortable at times, it is very necessary if you wish to connect fully with your inner voice.
A Woman Reading Tarot Cards To her Client
A Woman Reading Tarot Cards To her Client

Hermit Upright Meaning Yes Or No

In its upright posture, the Hermit tarot card represents someone who is highly self-aware and has obtained a lot of useful knowledge and insights through spending time alone.
It depicts a person who sticks to his or her own course and isn't readily swayed by other forces.
When the hermit is pushed in a backward posture, the best interpretation is 'yes.'
It mostly means that your need for seclusion and isolation has passed, and you're ready to get back out there.
It's time to reintegrate into society and apply what you've learned.

Hermit Reversed Meaning Yes Or No

In general, the Hermit in reverse conveys a positive message.
It means you've taken the time you needed to be alone and are ready to face the world with confidence and all the new insights you've learned.
You're driven and encouraged to spend time with people, but you're also more mindful of your own boundaries today.
Living alone for an extended length of time has most likely taught you that you are completely full in your own right and don't require others to complete you.
In reversed posture, the hermit can also be seen as having discovered a great sense of equilibrium.

Hermit Love Meaning Yes Or No

When it comes to love, the Hermit tarot card currently represents a 'no'.
The Hermit might be seen as a sign that it is time to focus on yourself for the time being and discover what drives and inspires you independently rather than allowing a (possible) lover to muddle your view accidentally.
When you get the Hermit card in a love tarot reading, it usually means you need to take a step back and focus on your own aims and dreamsfor a while.
To fully appreciate a partnership, you must first ensure that you are whole and complete on your own.

How to Read the Hermit Card | Tarot Cards

People Also Ask

What Element Is The Hermit Card?

The element of the Hermit card is Earth.

What Does The Hermit Reversed Mean In A Love Reading?

In a love Tarot scenario, the Hermit reversed is a powerful sign of loneliness. If you're in a relationship, this might indicate that you're being ignored or rejected by your spouse.

What Zodiac Is The Hermit?

The Hermit card is the ruling card for the Virgo zodiac sign.


The meaning of the hermit tarot card isn't a bad card to have in your deck.
This card usually indicates that you are about to embark on a spiritual journey or that something will attempt to alienate you from the people you care about.
Being alone for a bit might sometimes help you discover more about yourself.
You may be more honest with yourself and smarter this way.
On the other hand, there are occasions when you should not be alone and you must take action to prevent isolation from taking hold.
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