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Tarot Card Meaning The Devil - Signifies Depression Or Addiction


The tarot card meaning the deviloften denotes melancholy or addiction. It could also indicate that you're feeling constrained or imprisoned. This Major Arcana card may give you the impression that you are being constrained by external forces or circumstances that are beyond your control, making you feel helpless and victimized.

However, The Devil conjures up this delusion. You are responsible for your own actions and are only constrained by your own beliefs and behaviors. Never give up and never cede control.

You are not required to put up with anyone's negativity, criticism, manipulation, or abuse. No matter how bleak things may seem on the surface, there are always choices and something you can do to better your position.

Tarot Card Meaning The Devil Upright

If the devil card appears in your reading, it indicates that you have emotions of entrapment, emptiness, and lack of satisfaction in your life. It may also imply that you are a slave to materialism and extravagance and that, despite your best efforts, you just can't seem to get rid of the desire to live a life of luxury.

Although you may be aware that this way of living is taking you astray, you nevertheless feel as if you have no control over your impulses or behaviors. Your sense of helplessness and confinement may also be brought on by a drug or material pleasure addiction.

Tarot Card Meaning The Devil Reversed

Reversed, the Devil card implies that you take pleasure in igniting conflict and opposition for no specific, advantageous motive. It's possible that your sense of comedy is skewed. You can be acting out of retaliation or just out of irritation.

Before you go into further difficulty, you need to control and transform your inner childish prankster. Until you are able to effectively create a change away from this negligent conduct, suppress those urges. Even if they seem funny at the time, such pranks can cost you in the long term.

Different Tarot Card
Different Tarot Card

Tarot Card The Devil For Money

When a feeling of helplessness dominates a money or professional reading, the Devil tarotcard will emerge. You can have a sense of immobility despite your continual movement, like a rat on a wheel. In this instance, you need to pause, assess your present predicament, and discuss what to do next with a close friend or relative. Just be sure the person you confide in really has your best interests in mind since the Devil can sense when a con artist is there.

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Spiritual Meaning Of The Devil Tarot Card Reversed

The Devil Tarotcard reversed might represent that you were able to avoid an adverse or hazardous circumstance, similar to the general interpretation. This indicates, in a spiritual Tarot spread, that the universe has been kind enough to let you learn your lesson without suffering any serious repercussions. If you don't take this lesson to heart right away, it will come back to bite you.

The Devil turned around may also represent a turn away from the shadows and a return to the light. This may represent you are overcoming a time of sorrow, sadness, or spiritual isolation in order to once again turn toward love and light and reestablish contact with your higher awareness. It may also mean that you are gaining the ability to deflect the unfavorableenergyof others around you so that you are no longer negatively impacted by it.

People Also Ask

What Does The Devil Tarot Card Mean In Love?

In love and relationship spreads, the Devil is a person who is egotistical, violent, and unfaithful.

What Is The Meaning Of The Upright Devil Tarot Card?

The tarot card Upright Devil represents how feeling out of control may result from addiction, despair, and destructive relationships.

What Is The Meaning Of The Reversed Devil Tarot Card?

Reversed images of the Devil might represent a growing awareness of the things that have been entangling you and your part in their perpetuation.


The tarot card meaning the devil suggests that you act with a little swagger. Trying to be discreet or strategic in this circumstance could be fruitless. Declare your position, be truthful in your communication, and let the cards fall where they may.

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