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Symbols Of Lilith In Astrology


Symbols of Lilith is a religious figure and a female demon who became a symbol of femininity, courage, strength, rebellion, women's equality with men, and independence from men. She is possibly one of the most interesting characters engaged in creation stories.

Lilith did not submit to Adam because she saw that they were both made in the same way and were therefore equals. They were unable to get along with one another, and she eventually left Adam, after which Adam is said to have voiced his displeasure to the Supreme Being.

Along with all of the other books of Mesopotamian mythology, the sources of Jewish folklore and mythology mention Lilith numerous times as a demon. These sources date from the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were written between 40 and 10 BC, to the Zohar records, which were written in 1280.

Having stated that the question of who or what Lilith is will be the subject of another very lengthy post, which will be covered later. Now, let us return to the Lilith sigil, which is used for calling upon her and is the most popular emblem of Lilith.

General Astrology Description

COPYRIGHT_SFG: Published on https://straightforwardguidance.com/symbols-of-lilith/ by Calvin Penwell on 2023-09-08T09:44:23.377Z

The practice of analyzing patterns seen in the positions of stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies to conclude human nature, events on a global scale, and the course of future events is known as astrology. It has been shown to have no basis in fact, hence it should be considered a pseudoscience. Since the second millennium before the common era (BCE), people have been interested in the study of the heavens.

It is possible that it began as a method for monitoring the changing of the seasons for agriculture, but it was soon taken to involve divine communications from the gods. Mesopotamia around the 19th century before the common era is where the origins of western astrology can be found.

It was widespread in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, as well as in the Arab world and, subsequently, in Western Europe. The Hindu culture, the Chinese culture, and the Mayan culture all had significant contributions to non-Western astrology.

The use of astrological symbols dates back to the time of the Byzantine Empire; they were kept and replicated in ancient Greece, and throughout the Renaissance in Europe, they were modernized and expanded upon. Modern Western astrology pretends to investigate how cosmic bodies such as stars and planets, as well as their relative locations in the sky, might affect human lives.

It is believed that an individual's personality, romantic connections, and future success can be affected or shaped by the positions of the sun, stars, moon, and planets in the sky at the moment of their birth. Numerous horoscopes are typically thought of in connection with astrology. The majority of people living in Western countries are familiar with the term "star sign," which refers to one of the twelve constellations that make up the zodiac.

It is believed that a person's personality may be predicted based on the sign of the zodiac that they were under at the time of their birth. A lot of people can support themselves in this day and age by acting as so-called "professional" astrologers and offering readings and forecasts to those who need their advice.

They make use of intricate charts and angles to derive what is believed to be wisdom from the positions of the stars and planets to generate a complicated and in-depth profile of an individual's character, life, and potential outcomes in the future.

Lilith Sigil In Blue And Black Color With White Color In Background
Lilith Sigil In Blue And Black Color With White Color In Background

What Is The Lilith Sigil?

There is a well-known symbol that can be connected to Lilith. The name Lilith is spelled out in capital letters around the circumference of the circle that surrounds the edge of the front of the symbol. The demon symbol that can be found in the middle of this circle is a representation of the Goddess Lilith.

In addition, the goddess or demon in question is shown by the Lilith sigil, which is a sign associated with Satanism. In astrology, the most notable use of the Lilith symbol is found in the context of her being referred to as the Black Moon Lilith.

In astrology, the symbol of Lilith is a crescent moon perched directly on top of a cross with arms of equal length, often known as a Greek cross. This cross is said to represent both the mind and the material world.

The position on a person's birth chart when the moon is at its greatest distance from their planet is represented by the symbol Black Moon Lilith. This is also referred to as the dark moon.

To put it another way, it's the phase of the moon when it's mostly invisible to the naked eye. In addition to this, the figure of Black Moon Lilith represents a person's baser instincts and their most sinister aspect, which may include sexual urges that have been repressed.

It is a component of a person that is more sensuous, vulnerable, and emotional, and where they are afraid to freely show that side of themselves. It is a norm-defying or rebellious part of a person.

People frequently employ this symbol because it helps the summoner subconsciously connect with Lilith, the demon goddess. This connection can be beneficial. They also utilize it in rituals involving the dark arts to facilitate the appearance of female Liliths.

In addition to this, it is an essential component of a black magic ritual that must be carried out on a Monday when the moon is visible in the sky. To perform the Lilith-calling ritual, you will need a few black candles, some booze, some incense offerings, and chanting.

The Lilith In Middle Eastern Literature

The Alphabet of Ben Sira, a controversial and frequently sexist Hebrew satirical book written in the eighth century CE, is the first place where Lilith is mentioned as a specific person; although, the Liliths as a category of demons, together with the male lilies, had been around for a good number of centuries.

Lilith is mentioned just once in the Bible, in Isaiah 34:14, where she is described as a dweller in waste regions. However, the depiction of Lilith or the lili (whether single or plural) in ancient Babylonian mythology as a seducer or killer of infants has a long pre-history dating back to the religion's beginnings.

J. A. Scurlock states that "The lilû-demons and their female counterparts the lilitu or ardat lili-demons were hungry for victims because they had once been human; they were the spirits of young men and women who had themselves died young.

The lilû-demons and their female counterparts the lilitu or ardat lili-demons were hungry for victims because they had once been human. These demons are described as having slipped through windows into people's houses looking for victims to take the place of husbands and wives whom they never had.

Lamashtu, a second demon associated with the first, was said to pose a danger to newborn children and had a disagreeable taste for human flesh and blood. According to Hutter, the figures of Lamashtu and the lilû and lilitu demons eventually converged to produce a single type of malevolent figure that enticed men and women as well as children to commit acts of violence against them.

Lilith Sign On A Moon
Lilith Sign On A Moon

Symbols Of Lilith In Astrology

The goddess/demon is also symbolized by a symbol, in addition to the sigils that are associated with her. The most important representation of Lilith, sometimes called "Black Moon Lilith" in astrology, can be found below.

Please continue reading if you are interested in discovering the origin of the name. In astrology, the symbol of Lilith is a crescent moon perched atop a cross with arms of equal length. This cross is also known as a Greek cross. Mind and matter are both represented by this sign.

But who or what is this mysterious Black Moon Lilith? The phase of the moon when it is at its most inaccessible to human eyesight is referred to as the black moon. This phase is also referred to by the name Black Moon Lilith. The dark moon is the location on a birth chart when the moon is at its greatest distance from Earth.

Black Moon Lilith is a symbol of a person's most basic urges as well as the most shadowy aspect of their nature, which may involve sexuality that has been repressed. This part of you that defies social norms and is rebellious is also where you are at your most sensual, sensitive, and vulnerable, which is why you are not willing to expose it all that easily.

LILITH 🌙🦉 Who She Is + Working with the Dark Goddess

Lilith Tattoo Meaning And Design Ideas

A Lilith tattoo is the ideal method to express your independent spirit, your defiance against authority figures and the established order of things, and your femininity all at the same time. Liliths are a symbol of the goddess Lilith.

On a tattoo, Lilith sigils will look incredibly interesting, but the astrological symbol of Black Moon Lilith, which consists of a cross and a crescent moon, will appear prettier than the Lilith sigil.

If you are a devotee of the Wiccan faith, are interested in the practice of magic, or are simply a pagan, a Black Moon Lilith sign together with a triple moon goddess symbol would make for a really attractive "girl power" tattoo. Both of these symbols represent goddesses with three moons.

If you enjoyed our post in which we discussed the symbol and sigil of Lilith, you might find it interesting to read some of our other posts in which we discuss various esoteric symbols. If you are interested in alchemy, you may read a detailed article that we have written about several alchemy symbols by clicking on the link provided here.

People Also Ask

In What Ways Does The Serpent Represent The Character Of Lilith?

Lilith's dual character is represented by the serpent, which can be interpreted as both a temptress and a sign of wisdom and metamorphosis. This interpretation draws parallels to the biblical story of temptation.

What Significance Does The Owl Have In The Symbolism Of Lilith?

It is common to think of the owl as a protector of the night and a keeper of secrets; this is a reflection of Lilith's relationship to the shadows, mystery, and things that are kept concealed.

What Does The Shape Of The Moon In The Shape Of A Crescent Mean Regarding Lilith?

As a reflection of Lilith's journey and the personification of feminine power, the crescent moon is symbolic of the cyclical aspect of life and the process of transformation.


The many facets and depths of meaning included within symbols of lilith's emblems perfectly capture the multifaceted nature of the legendary woman she is named after. Each sign provides a glimpse into a different facet of Lilith's personality, such as the serpent's duality, the owl's guardianship, the crescent moon's transforming cycles, the desert's acceptance of solitude, the apple's seduction, and Lilith's feminine power.

For example, the serpent has two sides, while the owl is a protector. Lilith's symbols will endure as humanity continues to investigate and reinterpret ancient tales. These symbols will serve as reminders of the continuing power of the story and the ageless attraction of the strange and intriguing.

By delving further into these symbols, not only do we discover the core of Lilith, but we also unearth pieces of our nature that have parallels to the tale that she tells.

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