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Strength Card Tarot - Persuasion, And Patience


The Major Arcana card symbolizing inner power is the strength card tarot. It stands for learning to control strong emotions so that you can calm yourself or a situation. It symbolizes conquering obstacles, much as the Chariot does. The Strength card, however, often relates to internal struggles. overcoming the challenges you encounter in connection to your own apprehensions, concerns, and doubts.

This card often denotes that you are learning to control your concerns and anxieties and to be brave and bold. The key right now is to overcome your inner fears and have confidence in yourself since you already possess all the talents you need to be successful. You will discover new confidence in yourself and your skills if you give yourself the time you need to learn how to control your emotions and are patient and kind to yourself.

Strength Card Tarot Upright

When the Strength card appears upright during your tarot reading, it signifies that you have the inner courage and strength to face danger and adversity. It demonstrates your capacity to maintain composure and strength in the face of extreme adversity. Additionally, it demonstrates your compassion and willingness to put others' needs ahead of your own, even when doing so costs you money.

Having the strength card indicates that you are a highly patient person who is capable of achieving anything if you set your mind to it. Your resiliency will be quite helpful to you, and you shouldn't have any trouble voicing your thoughts thanks to your fearlessness.

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Tiger And Women Drawing
Tiger And Women Drawing

The Upright Strength Card Tarot For Love

The upright Power tarot card denotes strength, bravery, persuasion, and patience, as its name suggests. It confirms your power and capacity to conquer every obstacle. The Chariot indicates exterior drive and force, but the Strength tarot card pushes you to triumph through your inner strength.

Instead of employing force, you need to behave with class and diplomacy. The card also suggests that even when your patience and strength are being tried, you have the capacity to stay upbeat, composed, and rational.

Strength Reversed Meaning

Reversed Strength indicates that you are in a situation where you have little ability to influence conduct. No amount of leadership, modeling, or persuasion will be able to contain the unbridled, uncontrolled energy that has been let free.

Little details are missed, and the incentives that in the past served to encourage order may be mocked. It could be necessary for you to be quiet, do your best to protect yourself, and wait for this upside-down period to pass.

How to Read the Strength Card | Tarot Cards

What Zodiac Sign Is The Strength Tarot Card?

The Strength card's ascribed star sign is Leo. Lion is the astrological symbol for Leo, therefore this coupling is ideal. Leo represents courage, kindness, and respect. The planet associated with the Chariot Tarot card is the Sun. You associate the sun with warmth, light, and vigor. Of course, the sun is a star, and in the solar system, it is the star that other planets orbit.

This is why the Strength card also represents success, especially when you use your feminine or intuitive side. The fifth house of pleasure, love, and creativity is ruled by the Strength card in astrology. The astrological element fire is represented by the Strength card.

People Also Ask

What Does It Mean When You Get Strength On A Tarot Card?

When you get the Strength card, it indicates that you have the courage to go on in the face of difficulty and danger.

What Does The Strength Tarot Card Mean When Asking How Someone Feels About You?

Strength is often a sign that your spouse cares about you but wants you to do all the pursuing if you want to know how they feel.

What Was The Original Purpose Of Tarot Cards?

The tarot cards were first employed for entertainment and amusement rather than for any occult or divinatory purposes.


Both the title and the artwork make it apparent that fortitude used to be another word for strength card tarot. Strengths include having a bold attitude, being able to stay composed under stress, and working well with people despite putting up with defects.

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