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Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning | What This Number Says About You


What is Soul Urge Number 7, and what does it mean?

Soul urge 7 represents a born seeker of truth that will spend their whole life in its pursuit, impervious to everything else.

A person with soul urge 7 can be introverted like that enjoys their private alone time to understand and analyze the world around them.

Everyone has a soul urge number, and it is a picture of who and what their innermost self is.

This post will help you get a deep understanding of the soul urge 7 meaning and what it means to a person’s life with this number.

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Soul Urge Number 7 Meaning

Soul Urge Number 7
Soul Urge Number 7

A person with a soul urge number 7 is often an introverted person who likes to create cocoons for themselves, creating a solid barrier that ensures the outside world won’t be able to barge in and disrupt them.

Soul urge sevens are in their comfort zone when alone, contemplating the mysteries of life.

And inside that comfortable cocoon, their minds are working at a breakneck pace, analyzing and criticizing.

This is the happier child in his bedroom putting together a complicated model airplane than playing with his siblings.

They can be the friend that brushes you off when you invite him for a barbeque, mumbling something about this excellent book he found at the flea market.

At its heart of hearts, seven is a seeker, always delving deeper for more information on its chosen search.

It’s easy to assume that people with soul urge number 7 are all about logic and rationality, but you’d be very wrong.

Yes, they’re true intellectuals, and they possess immense analytical skills.

But they also possess a strong creative, and intuitive side, using it to balance the logic out.

Sevens are just as likely to be scientists as they are artists.

Their brilliant minds have the potential for both.

Many will go into fields that fully utilize both sides, requiring them to both create and analyze.

Noble And Sentimental But Often Shy Of Company

Soul Urge Number 7
Soul Urge Number 7

Immensely intelligent as they are, sevens are not driven or ruled by ambition.

They are very laid back and will avoid people and situations that put them under pressure.

All they want is for the world to give them time to delve into the philosophies of life.

Sevens often have a unique perspective and are big dreamers.

Given time and space, a seven’s dreams can sometimes turn into mind-boggling inventions.

They dream big, but unlike flighty soul urge number 5, they can follow through on their ideas, ultimately reaping the rewards.

If your male friend is a seven, he’ll be a true gentleman, opening the doors for you and leading you out onto the dance floor.

And it’s not at all because he’s sexist.

He believes in treating you like a lady, expressing his sentiments with his actions.

Sevens are not very social, preferring their own company to that of other people.

They do have friends and take the time out to spend time with them, but they’ll shy away and withdraw if confronted with people they don’t know, retreating into their peaceful inner universe.

Loyal and caring, sevens make good friends but don’t expect them to be the first to come running when something has happened.

It’s not that they don’t value you: they are so introverted, they probably haven’t even realized something is going on in the first place.

Too Detached From The World

Soul Urge Number 7
Soul Urge Number 7

People with soul urge number 7 are always looking for more knowledge, and they understand things on a deeper level than most others.

They also enjoy solitude, relishing the time and space to read, learn, and work on their hobbies.

All this contributes to a sense of detachment from everyone else.

With their tendency to quickly retreat into their inner world at the slightest sign of a disturbance, sevens can easily become isolated and overly introverted.

This leaves them restless and full of repressed emotions.

Sevens are quite sentimental and romantic and would make the perfect partner if it wasn’t for being so detached and living entirely in their own little worlds.

Analytical To The Point Of Being Cynical

A true seven is an “I’ll believe it when I see it” type.

They want and expect hard, tangible evidence before they’ll believe something.

Sevens often take this attribute well past its limits, making it hard for them to trust people.

They look for hidden meanings where there are none and question everything, sometimes alienating others.

Sevens are also far from great when it comes to expressing their emotions.

If you can get one to come out of their shell and make a connection, you’ll have a loyal and committed friend for life.

But many sevens find it hard to make those connections and have meaningful relationships with other people.

Soul Urge Number 7 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 7
Soul Urge Number 7

As many dreamers as thinkers, number sevens are intellectuals with a penchant for creation, not just logic and analytics.

They are not abrasive, but they won’t feel comfortable unless they have their own private, undisturbed cocoon to live in.

Even 7’s partner will not be included in their cocoon much of the time, so anyone in a relationship with a seven needs to be prepared to give them their own space to think and be.

Please make no mistake, seven will make the time for you and do the best they can to show you they care, but empathy isn’t their strongest suit.

At the same time, sevens are romantic yet undemanding.

They won’t be needy or clingy, expecting their partners to sacrifice everything for them.

In fact, they’ll appreciate that you’re busy and have your own life too, content to share what you’re willing to give.

The best numbers for 7 are 5, 8, and fellow sevens.

These numbers are sharp enough to cope with the 7’s amazing mind, providing a witty and satisfying challenge to the relationship.

7 may not get along so well with 1,2, 8, and 9, seeing them as either too superficial and sentimental or too domineering.

Summary: Soul Urge Number 7

Soul Urge 7
Soul Urge 7

Soul Urge 7 is both an artist and a thinker, uniting both concepts in an eternal pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Not the one to be found at a rowdy party, a person with soul urge number 7 feels more at home surrounded by books, knowledge, and private interests.

These people may find it hard to connect and make a meaningful relationship, but once they do, all secrecy disappears.

They make loyal and romantic partners but need a sharp, witty mind to keep up with theirs.

If you don’t know your number, you can read our post on ‘How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number. ‘

Don’t forget to claim your free numerology reading below that will reveal insights into your soul urge number and show you how to take control of your destiny.

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