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Soul Urge Number 5 Numerology Meaning [Secrets Revealed]

The soul urge number 5 is the midpoint of numerology’s single-digit numbers 1-9 and is a true crossroads that other numbers may find hard to understand and keep up with.

Your soul urge number is a reflection of the energies and vibrations that define your innermost heart’s desires.

Soul Urge Number 5 Meaning

Soul urge number 5 is all about new experiences, especially if they are sensual.

This number is most content traveling, constantly meeting new people, and always finding new sights, sounds, and smells.

Enthusiastic, brave, and passionate adjectives ring a bell when describing the personality of soul urge number 5.

This number revels in freedom and values nothing more than having no strings to tie it down.

Five is genuinely excited to meet new friends and experience new things, but it is hard to keep the interest going.

Once it has explored this new sensation, it is time to move on and find the next.

This number is a seeker on a never-ending journey for new experiences.

Quick to figure things out and adapt, soul urge five has no problem dealing with change.

People with this number don’t get hung up on what could have been or why it didn’t happen.

They effortlessly take things in their stride and go with the flow.

Instead of moping around, they’ll be grabbing the new opportunity that has just presented itself, off in search of yet another adventure.

Other numbers often find themselves attracted to the sheer energy and free spirit of a five.

Soul Urge five has no problem opening up and making friends.

But just when the other number feels like it is starting to get to know and enjoy the newfound relationship, five senses an attachment being formed and flits away like a butterfly in the wind.

Fives love change and new ideas, and they have no trouble making a quick friend of anyone and everyone.

Their social circle will be vast, representing people from all walks of life.

Five is so free-spirited, courageous, and playful that everyone enjoys being around them, amused by their antics.

People with number five give off an aura of trust and are easy to approach.

They are often shocked to find it so, but others often look up to them as leaders.

Their passion and zest for life make them popular, and they are often the center of attraction in every social circle they’re a part of.

It’s hard to keep a five anchored for long and plodding; menial work is not their forte.

But with a bit of dedication and discipline, they can make great entrepreneurs.

Fives are always coming up with new ideas and are not afraid to take a calculated risk if they bring in the money.

And because fives meet and make friends with people effortlessly, they can excel at marketing and promotion-related careers.

They can be very persuasive, and any cause they believe in will benefit from their input.

Five is excellent at making friends but not so good when putting in the work and effort needed to maintain relationships.

People with soul urge number 5 can also be very unpredictable, which can strain their friendships, leading to messy, hurtful breakups.

To make it worse, fives often have trouble understanding how it’s their fault that things went wrong, leaving them feeling like their friends and family have betrayed them.

They fail to realize that others feel useless and abandoned because of five’s inability to commit to a lasting relationship of any kind.

The same problem extends to a five’s professional life. Again, it’s easy to pique a five’s interest but very hard to keep it.

Five may dabble with several different things and even be good at most of them.

But because it cannot stick with anything long enough to make a difference, it may never get truly good at anything.

People with soul urge number 5 need to be careful not to allow the wind to blow them around too much, or they may end up with serious regrets later on in life.

For example, an unfinished education or a great career abandoned halfway, or even a potential life-long partner lost because five didn’t give them the time needed.

Fives will easily lie to get themselves out of an uncomfortable situation that they don’t want to deal with.

This, combined with their don’t-care attitude, can quickly alienate their prospective partner, ruining the relationship before it has a chance to build and blossom.

Soul Urge Number 5 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 5
Soul Urge Number 5

Another big issue fives face their aversion to commitment, which directly conflicts with their joyful, abundant, and loving nature.

They are afraid to be tied down to anyone or anything, making it hard to form meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

At the same time, fives are terrified of being lonely, but they may not realize that constantly chasing after new things and meeting new people may not fulfill them.

Romantically, fives make very satisfying partners, but they can fall seriously short on commitment and reliability.

The best numbers for 5 are 4,6,7,8 and soul urge number 9.

These numbers can ground five without curbing their free spirit, giving them their wings, and bringing out their loving nature.

The worst numbers for 5 are fellow 5s, 1, and soul urge number 2.

There can be a lot of nagging in these relationships, bringing out the worst of both partners.

If you don’t know your number, you can read our post on calculating your soul urge number HERE.

Summary: Soul Urge Number 5

Soul urge number five is easy-going, friendly, and undoubtedly talented enough to make it in life.

But their free spirit and tendency to go where the wind blows can take them too far, leaving behind meaningful friendships and experiences that could have built them.

Suppose a five can ground themselves and overcome their fear of commitment.

In that case, they can attain great success in life, both financially and romantically, forming a loving, long-lasting relationship that will never lack passion and excitement.

If you would like to know more about your soul urge number, you can get a numerology video report completely free HERE.

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