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Soul Urge Number 4 Numerology Meaning [Secrets Revealed]

If you have a soul urge number 4, dedication, stability, and persistence are your middle name. Your soul urge number shows you what you are at your core.

Calvin Penwell
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If you have a soul urge number 4, dedication, stability, and persistence are your middle name.
Your soul urge number shows you what you are at your core.
But where other numbersmay shy away from the truth, you embrace yours and are proud of it, loving who and what you are.
In this post, we discuss in detail the meaning of soul urge number 4, what it symbolizes, who it’s most compatible with for relationships, and more.

Soul Urge Number 4 Meaning

Soul Urge Number 4
Soul Urge Number 4
Life rarely cooperates with us completely, but that doesn’t faze a 4 in the least.
Filled with unwavering dedication, that person you find doggedly pursuing their goals in the face of any and every adversity is likely a 4.
People with soul urge number 4 crave order and stability in their life.
Any disruptive force is seen as something that needs to be dealt with and overcome, be it a human being, situation, or manifestation of nature.
The 4 is by no means a tyrant.
This personality hates the idea of anything disrupting its usual, familiar routine.
A person with soul urge number 4 will not seek confrontation as the first solution to a problem, but if there is no other way, they will stand their ground, fighting for what they believe is right.
Practical and strong, fours need to have a goal to feel balanced and contented.
They’re not your A-personality types, seeing everything and everyone as an obstacle in their way to the ultimate pinnacle of success.
Their goals are not about beating others: they’re about beating themselves.
People with soul urge number 4 are not overly demonstrative, and you won’t find them bragging and crowing about their achievements.
Their accomplishments bring them a quieter, more fulfilling happiness that they’ll share with friends and loved ones, but it won’t bloat their egos.
If you are unsure of your soul urge number, you can check out my post on ‘How to Calculate Your Soul Urge Number?

Soul Urge Number 4 Personality

Soul Urge Number 4 Personality
Soul Urge Number 4 Personality

Supremely Loyal and Dedicated

A 4 is loyal and reliable through to the end.
Because they crave stability so much, they seek to create it all around themselves, be it at work or home.
Fours are patient, biding their time.
Where another number will give up and throw in the towel, four will quietly sit back, waiting and watching until the right time to take another step forward and get closer to their goals.
Their hard work and dedication take them a long way in their career, leading them slowly but surely to success.
A four’s social circle will be mostly old acquaintances and friends, but they enjoy others’ company and have room for new relationships.
They won’t seek the spotlight, but they will actively enjoy their time out, chatting with the people they know.
Their dedication earns them long-lasting friendships and relationships, both in business and romance.
Fours aren’t very emotional and are not the most exciting to be with.
But they’re fiercely loyal and can be relied on to support and defend their friends and loved ones any time they need it.

Fours May Find it Hard to Express Themselves

Fours may believe their lives to be the perfect picture of order and structure.
But no matter how perfect they believe their life to be, they need others in it to balance things out.
Four has an innate fear that letting others into their life can disrupt things and bring chaos, which four abhors.
And connecting with others may be very hard for a four, who is not inclined to or talented at expressing themselves.
But solitude is not good for soul urge number 4.
You need people around you to keep you balanced.
Four may try to compensate for this lack of expression by being overly generous.
Be careful and don’t spend more than you can.
It’s important to realize that a kind, the caring word can often mean much more than the most expensive gift.
It may be hard for you to open up and trust others, but you cannot push through life all on your own.

Too Rigid and Overly Critical

Stability is necessary for long-term success, but don’t let it consume you.
If you become too rigid, you will end up becoming dogmatic, pursuing goals that no longer make sense, refusing to give up when you’re going down the wrong path.
Your drive and perfectionism are something else but don’t be too free with your criticism of others.
Not everyone values the same things you do, and not everyone gets hung up on little details.
Live and let live.
And yes, you might be very logical and rational, but some people are led by intuition and emotion.
That doesn’t make them wrong; it just makes them different.
Reading other people’s emotions and the tone of the situation happens to be one of your weaknesses, so take the time to let the people you care about know that you care.
Try to stay open-minded and let some humor into your life.
Explore something new, something unusual, once in a while.
It will help keep your perspective fresh and stop you from getting staid and boring.

Soul Urge Number 4 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 4 Compatibility
Soul Urge Number 4 Compatibility
People with soul number 4 are loving and utterly dedicated to their partner, but they may fall short in expressing their feelings.
They offer and seek stability and support, but their unwavering dedication to their goals can sometimes wear their partner down.
The best numbers for 4 are 2,6,7,8 and 9.
These numbers are compassionate and emotionally savvy enough to see that 4 truly cares and can keep 4 more social and open-minded.
The worst numbers for 4 are 1,3, and 5.
Four will frequently clash with these numbers and turn egotistic, making a long-lasting relationship improbable.

Summary: Soul Urge Number 4

Four is the practical number and the force of stability, but it is also the engineer, slowly and steadily building up to the completion of that big project.
Rational, logical, dependable, and reliable, four is a strong and practical person.
This number naturally seeks lasting, stable relationships and will do its best to provide one for its partner.
But the partner needs to understand that four will often be busy and may never fully express their love, deep as it may be.
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