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Soul Urge Number 3 Numerology Meaning [Secrets Revealed]


The number 3 is very powerful in numerology, and those with soul urge number 3 carry many of its energies and vibrations.

Your soul urge number expresses your heart’s desire, so while it may not show on the surface, people that get to know you better will see these traits in you.

Soul Urge Number 3 Meaning

Soul Urge Number 3
Soul Urge Number 3

If your soul urge number is 3, you are the strong energy of creation, and it is your innermost creativity that drives and guides you above all else.

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That creativity is manifested in reality, and your social circle not only recognizes it but finds it impressive and inspiring.

But the number 3 is special in numerology.

It is a culmination of the numbers 1 and 2, offering completion.

But rather than being a finality, it signifies a closure that leads to a new beginning.

Number 3 combines assertive, driven soul urge 1, and the intuitive, passive, and emotional soul urge number 2.

3 truly imbibes the qualities of 1 and 2, turning the result into a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

The energy of 3 is a sheer creative genius, but it is not the same creativity as that of 1.

It is balanced by the duality of the number 2, which gives it more empathy and makes it more balanced.

Many people are and can be creative, but with 3, this is taken to a whole new level.

Their learning is effortless, and they can grasp something that would have taken others hours instantly.

Their creativity is so much a part of who they are that everything they do is born of a desire to manifest something new and original.

Soul Urge Number 3 Personality

Soul Urge Number 3
Soul Urge Number 3

Unlike other creative personalities, 3 cannot put their talent on the back seat in favor of a better financial situation.

They have a pressing need to use and express their creativity and go to the earth’s ends to make it happen.

And it’s well worth the effort.

Be they musicians, writers, painters, or whatever else; their talent is often legendary.

3s are positive and full of life, and their good nature is infectious.

They may not at all mean to draw attention to themselves, but they’ll still frequently be the life of the party.

Inspiring and entertaining, they’re at the center of every exciting conversation.

They have a candid sense of humor and a way with words that paints a very vivid picture for their listeners, drawing them in.

At their best, 3s are positive and appealing, radiating exuberant joy.

They have no trouble making a connection with almost everyone they meet.

The personality of 3 inherits the assertiveness and ambitiousness of 1.

A 3 will not seek a leadership role for the sake of leadership in and of itself, but neither does it thrive in a low or mid-level position that limits it and doesn’t let it make full use of its abilities.

Determined and focused, this soul number will chafe at the bit if not given full freedom to make use of their considerable talents.

A true extrovert and a performer at heart, if your soul urge number is 3, you’re not at all afraid to speak what’s on your mind.

This can bring about a fair number of confrontations when you step on people’s toes and hurt their feelings.

But your strong personality and gregarious, humor-loving nature allow the words to slide right off of you.

Secretly, you even enjoy all the drama brought about by the confrontation you helped orchestrate.

This may all seem like a little harmless fun to you, but others may not feel the same way.

It’s easy to overdo it, especially because you may find it hard to stop yourself before any real damage is done, letting your mouth run away with you.

You may appear callous and uncaring, neither of which qualities will endear you to anyone.

For soul number 3, truth is all-important.

But don’t forget that the truth may not always be the best way forward, especially when it comes to someone’s feelings.

And ambitious and proud as you are, limit that ambition and pride to your accomplishments.

An oversized ego and arrogance won’t get you very far in life.

Soul Urge Number 3 Compatibility

Soul Urge Number 3
Soul Urge Number 3

Self-respecting and independent, soul number 3 can make a great advisor and usually make it to the top of their chosen career path.

But people with soul number 3 may have a badly bloated ego.

They’ll stick to their point, refusing to budge or surrender, even when it is obvious that they are wrong.

The same is true of relationships.

3s are not good at handling conflict, refusing to make a concession, even when they’re badly hurting their partner’s feelings.

People with this number also often speak without thinking, easily alienating their better half.

At the same time, they are prone to feeling unwanted and alienated themselves, so their partner has to be very patient and understanding.

The best numbers for 3 are 1,5,6, and 9.

With these numbers, soul urge number 3 can develop a true, deep understanding and a steady, long-term relationship where both parties can adjust to the other’s needs.

The worst numbers for 3 are 2,4, 7, and 8, as well as fellow 3s.

These relationships are likely to be too full of contradiction and turmoil and usually will not last.

Soul Urge Number 3: Final Thoughts

Soul Urge Number 3 is a great creator and achiever and a joyful extrovert who thrives on positive social energy.

Ambitious and capable, people with soul urge number 3 don’t do well under the heel and need to have the freedom to express their creativity to thrive.

A relationship with a 3 can be difficult if the partner cannot allow the 3 their freedom and deal with 3’s thoughtless words.

But this soul number is a loving, dedicated partner, and a bit of compassion and compromise can go a long way.

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