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Soul Urge Number 1 Numerology Meaning [Secrets Revealed]

Soul urge number 1 is centered around a yearning to be independent and a drive to reach the very top.

Your soul urge number can tell you a lot about your inner needs and feelings and expresses your heart’s desire.

Soul Urge Number 1 Meaning

If your soul urge number is 1, you are never the follower, always the leader.

You have a strong desire to be at the top of whatever you’re doing: career, friendship, or romance.

People with this soul urge number are achievers and live for their goals.

For a person with soul number 1, it’s always about climbing the rungs of the ladder.

They’ll never do well in or be content with a mid-level position, regardless of their career choice.

They have a pressing need to reach further up until they’re standing on the peak.

But that doesn’t mean they’re always looking down on people.

It’s just that they’re by nature so competitive; they’re never satisfied unless there’s nowhere further to go, at which point they’ll find another goal to work toward.

Soul Urge Number 1 Personality Positives

Soul Urge Number 1
Soul Urge Number 1

Quick to try new things and adapt to anything, no matter how outlandish it may seem to others, soul urge number 1 will immediately seize any opportunity they feel they can benefit from.

With their quick-silver mind, people with this soul urge number have an uncanny ability to make correct split-second decisions.

And when it comes to getting the job done, they don’t waste any time procrastinating.

Almost brutally efficient, they are productive and dependable.

1 is a powerful personality that both commands and demands respect from others.

Headstrong, independent, and not afraid of anything, they are often the life and center of the party.

But these people are not vain or egocentric.

This number is very driven and ambitious, but at the same time thoughtful and responsible.

They are usually in total control of their lives, seeing everything with a degree of precision and clarity many others can only envy.

This may make them seem uncaring at times, but everything they do has a purpose to it.

Soul Urge Number 1 Personality Negatives

This is a strong, assertive personality that knows what it wants and why it wants it.

People with this life path are natural leaders, but they can become obsessed with their ideas.

Once they’ve set their minds and sights on something, it can be almost impossible to convince them that they may be wrong.

Soul urge number one can dig their heels in very hard, coming across to others as bullish and rigid.

This number can sometimes fall prey to tunnel vision, forgetting that others may be trying to help rather than interfere.

Original and compelling as this personality is, people with soul urge number 1 need to remember that other people can be right, too.

Preferring to go it alone, this soul number is a lone wolf.

Why wait for or rely on others when you can do what needs to be done so much faster and more efficiently on your own?

But nobody is infallible, and everybody makes mistakes.

A number one may take it very badly when they inevitably mess up somewhere, and this number needs to remember that that’s a normal part of life.

Instead of getting hung up on it, move on and learn to make working with other people a part of you.

Soul Urge Number 1 Relationships

Soul Urge Number 1
Soul Urge Number 1

Soul number 1 makes a very fair and loyal friend, but emotions aren’t its strong suit.

Neither is following.

Number 1 tends to see the big picture rather than the individuals that make it up.

Be it a business relationship or romance; a 1 needs to be in the lead role to thrive.

This life path has powerful beliefs and ideas, and they may find it hard to admit that they’re wrong or accommodate their partner’s wishes if they are contrary to their own.

For a relationship with soul number 1 to be successful, the partner must be very supportive and understanding, and happy with being second in command.

On the other side of it, soul number 1 finds it much easier to accept the truth as it is and deal with it accordingly.

They are perfectionists and hate making mistakes themselves, but are surprisingly tolerant of them in others.

This makes them fiercely supportive and loyal to their partners, even in times of hardship.

Number one is very driven and works hard for success.

They are always busy, always wanting to get one step closer to their goal.

But whatever success they have, they want to share it with their partner too.

Now, one loves their partner and is well aware that they’re perhaps not giving them enough time and attention.

And because ones love their luxury, they’ll shower their partners with it too, but it can be rash and impulsive.

Instead of recklessly spending money, they need to remember to let their loved ones know how much they appreciate them and that their success wouldn’t be possible without their partner’s patience, support, and love.

Soul Number 1 Compatibility

This number is very driven and goal-oriented and a natural leader.

They are very positive and full of life but are always active, always pushing ahead.

The best numbers for 1 are 2,3,6,7, and 9.

These numbers are content to be in a supportive role and have the compassion and empathy to take 1’s shortcomings in stride.

The worst numbers for 1 are 4,5 and 8.

4 and 8 are too ambitious and driven to compromise with 1 if their goals differ, and 5 won’t take well to always being told what to do.

Final Thoughts

Soul Urge Number 1
Soul Urge Number 1

The number 1 is an independent, original personality born to achieve.

Smart and hardworking, they’re all about working for the next goal.

This compelling personality often achieves tremendous business success but needs a supportive and compassionate partner to succeed in romance and marriage.

If you would like to know more about life path 1, check out this post HERE.

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