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The Role Of Numerology In World Religions Is A Symbolic Representations Of Ideas


The majority of ancient cultures used numerology in world religions to symbolize thoughts, and it is interesting to see how frequently numerical symbols are similar across cultures. How can we justify this?

According to one theory, numerical symbols originated in Africa with the earliest forms of mankind and were spread to all other continents by the peoples who left Africa.

Another theory holds that hundreds of years after the earliest people left Africa, mathematical concepts were directly transmitted from one society to another.

Yet another viewpoint claims that symbolic parallels appear in many contexts because humans arrive at comparable figurative conclusions using a number's inherent logic.

The idea of "one" lends itself to the symbolism of harmony in every location and at any time.

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Whatever the origins of numerology, our knowledge of prehistoric human symbolic ability gained via the anthropological study of indigenous peoples suggests that prehistoric peoples used numbers to express concepts even before recorded numerals existed.

Numerals And Numerology

There are many numerical coincidences, and they are frequently so amazing that it is challenging to properly explain them.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people have started to believe that these coincidences have illogical causes.

What can be inferred, for instance, from the following similarities between U.S. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, some of which are not numerological?

Which are drawn from a much longer list in Martin Gardner's The Magic Numbers of Dr. Matrix (1985)?

A Lake Surrounded By Mountains
A Lake Surrounded By Mountains

A Numerological Way Into Religions

One argues in favor of the unity of God. Two, to represent the existence of two opposing forces, such as the dualism of God and the Devil.

The paradox that was created by the first and second is resolved via the utilization of the third. The number four represents the four cardinal directions as well as the four seasons.

Humankind, our five senses, and the five fingers on each hand are all represented by the number five. Because humanity was created on the sixth day, the number six refers to that day.

Seven Fates Of Ancient Egypt

Seven is the number of perfection or the cycle of a week's days. Seven strings on Greek Apollo's lyre, seven pipes of Pan, and seven daughters of Atlas became the seven stars of the Pleiades.

Seven jewels of Hindu Brahmans, seven steps of Buddha, seven Israelite trips around the walls of Jericho, and seven bindings of Sampson.

Seven months before Noah's ark landed, seven days before the ark's dove took flight, and seven branches of the men, are just a few examples. There are also seven ancient fates.

A Rocky Shore under Clear Blue Sky
A Rocky Shore under Clear Blue Sky

Letters And Numbers Are Equated In Religions

Numerology and letters are equated in several religions. A word or name might therefore have a mathematically symbolic significance.

In Judaism and Islam, the study of hidden meanings discovered through the numerical equivalent of letters is known as Geometry.

Thus, King David's name is written in Hebrew with a perfect sum of seven letters. The names Adam and Eve are composed of Arabic letters that add up to the name Allah. So forth.

Some people tend to take things literally and firmly believe that numbers have metaphysical and occult meanings.

Some people prefer metaphors and do not take numerology literally, but they do recognize that the majority of sacred writers used numbers as a tool in their toolbox of metaphors.

To grasp the significance of the number twelve for each, these people do not need to believe in the power of the zodiac signs, the historical veracity of the Israelite tribes, the sincerity of the Mithra disciples, or the reality of the disciples of Jesus.

Person Holding Black Cover Bible
Person Holding Black Cover Bible

Common Numbers In The Bible

The numbers 666, which is almost commonly regarded as the number of the beast from the Book of Revelations, and 40 are the two numbers from the Bible that have the greatest widespread recognition.

Either Jesus fasted and meditated in the desert for forty days, or the Israelites wandered the desert for forty years.

There are, however, some other extra figures that are not as widely recognized but are nonetheless just as obvious.

Among the many others that are employed in religious numerology, ten numbers stand out as being the most common or significant.

The Bible or other religious texts often contain numerological clues, and many of these numbers have relationships to other numbers. This makes studying this type of numerology quite interesting.

Aerial Photography of Village Near The Sea
Aerial Photography of Village Near The Sea

The Reality In Numbers

Strong numerical patterns can be seen in many elements of the natural world, which may be where some mysticism around numbers originated.

For instance, crystals can have rotational symmetries of 2, 3, 4, and 6, but not 5, which is a fascinating anomaly that was seen physically by the ancient Greeks and mathematically demonstrated in the 19th century.

The golden ratio, which is typically denoted by the Greek letter, is a particularly significant quantity.

The term "extreme and mean ratio," which dates back to early Greek mathematics, refers to the split of a line segment such that the ratio of the entire to the bigger part is the same as that of the larger part to the smaller part.

This ratio is exactly (1 + square root of 5)/2, or around 1.618034. Martin Ohm, a German mathematician, is thought to have coined the term "golden ratio" or "golden number" in his book Die Reine Elementarmathematik (1835), often known as "Pure Elementary Mathematics."

If not, the phrase is not much older and does not, as is frequently claimed, date back to Ancient Greece.

People Also Ask

Does The Bible Support Numerology?

Numerology in the Bible uses numbers for more than their literal numerical value. When discussing biblical values, it is common to refer to ancient Near Eastern numerological values.

Who Is The Founder Of Numerology?

In numerology, Pythagoras is considered to be the inventor of Pythagorean Numerology, which is known as modern numerology. Around 569 BC, Pythagoras, a philosopher, was born in Greece.

What Is The Forbidden Number In Numerology?

Triskaidekaphobia is the term for this. The number 666 is banned in Christianity because it is seen as the number of the devil.


Finally, there are some whose mentality simultaneously embraces literal and metaphorical meaning. One could argue that these individuals collectively bear two.

They had to make seven trips around Jericho's pre-fallen walls, which was historically accurate.

Furthermore, that actual incident can be used as a metaphor for a variety of spiritual lessons, such as seven attempts to overcome a specific hermeneutical flaw.

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