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Moon Tarot Card Meaning - Symbolizes Confusion, Anxiety, And Fear


When you get face-to-face with the Moon tarot card meaning, you will notice a trail leading off into the distance.

A wolf and a dog stand on either side of the walkway, expressing our animalistic nature one civilized, the other untamed and feral.

There is a crawfish crawling out of the pond from where the trail originates.

Two towers may be seen in the distance surrounding the middle road, hinting at the doubles in this card once more.

Everything in this card seems to repeat itself as if implying two choices.

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Proceed along the path on the thin line between conscious and unconscious, between the tamed side of civilization represented by the dog and the powers of nature represented by the wolf.

The powers of good and evil are represented by the towers on opposite ends, and their resemblance in form might refer to the difficulty humans have in discriminating between them.

A long road with the moon beaming down on it is shown on the Moon tarot card. A dog and a wolf may be found on either side of this walkway.

These animals depict our animalistic nature: the dog represents our domestic, tame side, while the wolf represents our feral, wild side.

A crawfish emerges from the water and crawls up the walkway, signifying to us people are prepared to embark on a long journey to an unknown or hazy goal.

Despite the fact that these occurrences take place at night, the animals' surroundings are bright and plainly visible.

The crawfish is guided down the route by the moon's light. Two towers rise on either side of the walkway in the distance.

Positive and negative forces are represented by the towers. Their resemblance might also be a reference to our inability to discern between good and evil.

A Fortune Telling Session in Progress
A Fortune Telling Session in Progress

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Love

In a love life reading, the Moon tarot card meaning indicates a latent longing to change.

Your current situation, whether alone or in a relationship, is unhealthy for your fundamental nature.

You aren't getting enough nutrition, and you have hidden grief about it.

The Moon does not imply that you should engage in aggressive, passionate debates.

The animals on the card aren't fighting. The dog and the wolf are howling together in front of the full moon.

Dogs are descended from wolves, so in order to adapt to our demanding environment, you may have abandoned your wolf nature and transformed into an obedient dog.

Dogs are adorable and loving, but they don't embody the wild feminine nature archetypally.

You're a wolf on the inside! The crayfish in the card represents your dread of "returning to your origins" of becoming a wolf-warrior lady.

A Woman Fortune Telling With Table Full Of Cards and Crystal Ball
A Woman Fortune Telling With Table Full Of Cards and Crystal Ball

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Reversed

Moon tarot card meaning Reversed indicates that all of your worries, illusions, trauma, and emotions are gradually dissipating and their power over you is diminishing.

You are working through your fears and anxieties one at a time in order to free yourself from their bonds.

There are no words to adequately express how freeing and illuminating this experience can be.

You might try to conceal these painful or bad emotions deeper in your unconscious mind if you wish to prevent them.

You can pretend everything is OK and suppress your sentiments to avoid dealing with them.

This strategy may work in the near term. However, you will ultimately have to confront and deal with these buried feelings.

While you may be getting spiritual messages and psychic urges, the Moon Reversed may imply that you are having trouble interpreting them for yourself.

It's possible that your interpretation of the message differs from what you've read elsewhere.

When the Moon reversed card emerges, it's crucial to pay attention to your inner self rather than relying on someone else's interpretation.

Activate your inner consciousness and listen for those replies, believing that you already have the answers you need.

Pay attention to and record your dreams or visions because this is how your subconscious will most often communicate with you.

If you're still confused about what to do, write down the messages or visions you receive in a diary.

You can always look through them again later if you're not sure what they mean.

A Woman in Blue Velvet Top Looking at a Crystal Ball on a Table
A Woman in Blue Velvet Top Looking at a Crystal Ball on a Table

Crescent Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The full, crescent, and half-moon phases of the moon are depicted. The droplets have sparked a lot of debate.

Some believe they are "yods," the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet and the first syllable of God's name.

Some people believe they're dew droplets or even human thoughts. The Marseilles deck has 19 drops, which is unusual.

You may make your own decision, but I believe they are heavenly aid in the form of little nuggets.

The towers, like the structures we feel comfortable in, are constructed.

Finally, we are delusory if we believe we can ever be completely protected see The Tower.

The road that connects them demonstrates that our future is unclear.

The civilized and untameable parts of human nature are represented by the barking dog and howling wolf.

We have both, we require both, and we should recognize that both drive us.

The crab/lobster/crayfish monster serves as a nice reminder of our primordial roots, as well as links the card to the Cancer astrological sign.

For a fast reference to the moon card's meaning, see the table below.

The moon is far more than just a ball of rock. It has an impact on the lives of all humans and all other living creatures on the planet.

Did you know that even if you take a live oyster 2,000 miles inshore, its internal cycles are still linked to the Moon's direct source of tides?

Even the tea in your cup is influenced by the moon's movement.

It's no wonder, however, that the Moon tarot card is cryptic, melancholy, and slightly unsettling.

In the Major Arcana, the Moon is numbered 18. The Hermit, that lonely character, advocates a trip within to understand our true essence, and 1+8=9 sends us back to that world in numerology.

The actual Moon, whether by coincidence or not, has a cycle that repeats every 18+ years.

The High Priestess, with her feminine intuition, persuasiveness, and subtle magic, is the other major who is firmly linked to the Moon.

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The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Yes Or No

Moon tarot card meaning might be regarded as a resounding 'no' to your query.

It's a perplexing tarot card that advises you to take a step back and listen to your intuition before making any significant decisions.

Moon tarot card meaning frequently appears to allude to the deception of some sort.

When you get the Moon card in your 'yes or no tarot reading, it usually means you're in for some challenging struggles.

Unfortunately, the moon doesn't say where or when this challenge will occur.

When this card appears in your reading, it's essential to remain calm and avoid making any snap judgments.

The majority of the time, the problem has to do with the knowledge that has been kept hidden from you and will be revealed in the (near) future.

Keep your eyes peeled and believe that if something doesn't feel quite right, it usually is.

If you believe it's essential, be honest with yourself and cut the cords.

Because the moon is mostly associated with our emotions and the changes that might take place inside them, it's extremely probable that you've been allowing your emotions to rule your life.

You may have been experiencing an upsurge in anxiety and fear.

This card appears in your tarot reading to inspire you to face your concerns with confidence while still protecting yourself.

The Moon tarot card can also represent your own hidden feelings.

You could have been holding a secret because you're terrified of being rejected if you tell everyone.

It's important to remember that allowing oneself to be vulnerable is a really strong characteristic.

You will ultimately attract the appropriate people into your life who will adore you just the way you are if you are able to live your authentic life and become who you actually are.

People Also Ask

What Does The Moon Card Mean In A Love Reading?

The Moon rising in the sky suggests a yearning for change, whether you're married or single.

What Is The Reversed Moon’s Meaning?

The Moon's reversal is a good omen. It means that the anguish produced by a falsehood or self-delusion will be relieved shortly.

What Does The Moon Mean In A Future Reading?

The Moon is a strong symbol of change in both its present and future locations. You are or will be unsure how to proceed, although this circumstance will be more familiar to you than it appears.


The Moon can be viewed as a tarot card that says "no."

The meaning of the Moon tarot card frequently implies that you will face some unexpected obstacles and advises you to be cautious and not make any significant decisions just yet.

When the Moon tarot card is reversed, it may be seen as a 'yes' response to your query, indicating that you're on the correct track to finally conquer a struggle you're now facing.

Take action and keep moving forward. The Moon is often viewed as a 'no' tarot card in a love tarot reading. Your love interest is most likely not who you believe they are.

Proceed cautiously and shut things off if your intuition offers you obvious signals that they aren't trustworthy.

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