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Lucid Dreaming Method Shifting - A 10 Steps Formula


While you often see altered states of consciousness as mysterious, you experience them every night when you dream. Lucid dreaming method shifting may prompt you to ask whether it is feasible to switch to the reality you want while lucid dreaming (DR). The response is yes! Continue reading to find out how the lucid dream method works.

This technique can also be used to initiate other shifting techniques. Everything is possible when you have lucid dreams. A skilled lucid dreamer can control everything and everyone in a lucid dream using lucid dreaming techniques, and they can shape the dream's storyline any way they like. A proficient lucid dreamer has godlike powers and is omnipotent in the dream world.

The Steps Of Lucid Dreaming Method Shifting

If you already know how lucid dreaming method shifting, this method is simple (dream while being aware that you are dreaming). In case you don't, the process is divided into two steps: entering a lucid dream and then changing reality after that. There are several ways to lucid dreams, but this one moves in a shifting pattern.

Bring on lucid dreaming:

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  • Use affirmations like "I will know when I am dreaming," "I can easily control my dreams," or "I can lucid dream" before going to bed. You must be completely certain that you will dream, recognize it, and be able to control it before you go to sleep.
  • You can set an alarm for the middle of the night, wake up, and then go back to sleep to induce lucid dreams because it is simpler to do so after waking up than after returning to sleep.
  • When you are dreaming and conscious (i.e., your mind is awake), you must maintain focus to avoid falling asleep. The phrase "I am dreaming" can be used as a reminder, along with phrases like "stabilize the dream, stay lucid," or you can deliberately pay attention to your environment and use your senses to ground yourself.
  • The practice may be necessary before you can sustain a lucid dream for an extended period and develop the ability to create items or change your surroundings in the dream.

Lucid Dreaming Can Open A Portal To Your Dream Reality

Most of the time, you are not lucid while you dream. You have little to no conscious control over your actions in your dreams and are unaware that you are dreaming. In the lucid stage, you have gained conscious awareness, yet you are still dreaming. You can customize your dream experience as a transition to your DR by selecting how you interact with the dream world.

This technique has the advantage that the dream world frequently stays startlingly real-looking and realistic even when the dreamer is lucid. You could find it simple to suspend your skepticism about going into your DR in this frame of mind.

Woman Sleeping Hugging a Cloud
Woman Sleeping Hugging a Cloud

The 10-Step Formula For Lucid Dreaming Method Shifting

The following are the steps for lucid dreaming method shifting:

  • When you're awake, create a script or outline of what your lucid dream will entail. Before you go to sleep, make a precise blueprint of the reality you want to change.
  • The reality you design must be attainable, for example, by being wealthy, finding a hot companion, getting in shape, etc. It is not allowed to involve supernatural manifestations that defy natural rules. You cannot travel to a different world where you rule the planet as an alien ruler!
  • To assist you in creating a situation in your lucid dream, think about picturing the dream in your head when you are awake.
  • Create a lucid dream setting that represents the reality you want to transition to, i.e., the reality you described when you were awake, once you fall asleep and begin dreaming.
  • In the dream, make everything as typical and lifelike as you can. Please, no weird, surreal scenarios or impossible designs! If you are trying to materialize in the actual world, you cannot use your omnipotent dream skills to make magical objects.
  • Play out the situation that represents the reality you wish for. Become fully present in the new world.
  • Enjoy playing in that world while keeping in mind that it exists. Since lucid dreams feel exactly as genuine as real life, doing this won't be difficult.
  • Enjoy the journey. Don't think of it as laborious. Take pleasure, in reality, the same way you would take pleasure in experiencing it in the actual world.
  • When you awaken from your dream, tell yourself in your head that the experience you just had was a future occurrence. Additionally, you can record your dream in a dream journal after you wake up, such as the Dreambook app. Because they are accessible from all of your devices, digital dream journals are easier to keep.
  • Every time you become lucid, try to have the same lucid dream until your reality begins to change.

How To Reality Shift Once You Are Lucid Dreaming?

Reality Change Using portals, you can start having lucid dreams. You might move to your DR if you achieve lucidity in your dreams. There are numerous approaches you can take to this process. Choose the one that feels the most logical and approachable to you.

Method 1 Portal

The easiest and most direct method of shifting while in a lucid dream is to simply make or enter a portal. Take a glance around you, for instance, once you're conscious. In your dream, do you see a door? Declare that you will enter your DR as soon as you walk through the door, and then actually do it. If you can't find one that looks and feels right, try making your own and entering it.

Method 2 TV Screen

This approach is a variant of the portal approach. But in your dream world, you use multimedia instead of a straightforward portal or doorway. For instance:

  • A computer or TV screen
  • A book

Let's imagine, for example, that you desire to switch to Hogwarts, a wizarding school. Just start watching a Harry Potter movie in your dreams. You'll likely start the movie on your own. Just be sure you've decided to attend Hogwarts and aren't just daydreaming about it.

How to Lucid Dream for Beginners

Method 3 Create Your Dream Reality Scenario

Finally, here is a technique that some shifters prefer but is a little more involved than the two above. You recommend it to experienced lucid dreamers.

People Also Ask

What Is The Method Of Shifting In Lucid Dreaming?

Shifting is a lucid dreaming technique used to alter the setting or atmosphere of a dream.

How Does One Perform A Shift In A Lucid Dream?

To conduct a shift in a lucid dream, one must first become aware that they are dreaming, at which point they may alter the environment by imagining a different scene or place or by employing affirmations.

What Advantages Can Shift Techniques In Lucid Dreams Offer?

The capacity to explore numerous situations enhanced control over the dream environment, and the possibility for personal development and self-discovery are all advantages of adopting the shifting technique in lucid dreams.

Are There Any Possible Negative Effects Of Shifting In Lucid Dreams?

The technique of shifting in lucid dreams may have downsides such as difficulties in triggering lucid dreams or shifting within them, and the potential for being too fixated on altering the dream environment and missing the feeling of just being in the dream.


In addition to these methods, keeping a dream journal regularly will make it easier for you to have lucid dreaming method shifting. You could use a pen and a notebook to record your dreams.

You can also use Dreambook Journal as an alternative! With the help of the software Dreambook Journal, you may keep track of your sleeping habits and the dreams you've had to become more conscious of them and develop your lucid dreaming skills.

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