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Life Path 7 And 7 Compatibility – Can It Really Work?


The Life Path 7 and 7 compatibility is a fulfilling and exciting love match.

This life path is marked by the need to acquire knowledge.

It is the reason for living behind life path 7; they want to understand and know everything that happens to them and why it has occurred.

This particular life path is after perfection, but nothing in life is perfect, so they aim for whatever’s ideal for them.

And even afterlife path 7 find what they perceive to be perfect; they notice all the flaws and start the journey again.

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The act of looking for these flaws is just the nature of the 7; they are not seeking to be critical on purpose.

The seven must learn to recognize this trait, or at the very least ask somebody close to them for help understanding this quirk.

Once they understand that they are holding themselves and others to impossibly high standards, they can learn to relax these standards and enjoy healthier relationships.

Life Path 7 And 7 Love Compatibility

Life path 7 paired with another 7 makes for a lovely combination.

It offers the chance for significant spiritual growth among the two.

These two take the mysteries of life seriously, and intellect is a crucial ingredient in this relationship and the life of the 7.

A pair of 7’s thrive in their union, and it is a deep connection of both the soul and the heart.

It can be felt even when the two are far apart.

However, 7’s can make a big deal out of a small situation, so care must be taken to bring each other back to reality.

7 also has the desire to be alone with their thoughts from time to time, so this mutual understanding is perfect- there will be no hard feelings when one says to the other, “I need some space” or “I need to be alone.”

Life Path 7 And 7 Marriage Compatibility

Life Path 7 And 7 Compatibility
Life Path 7 And 7 Compatibility

A marriage between two life paths 7’s is likely to progress quickly, and it’s all thanks to the easy and comfortable feel in the relationship.

It’s easy for the two to connect and feel loved, safe, and secure, not to mention the other party understands.

It’s easy for each 7’s to please one another because they understand what the other needs and wants.

A pair of 7’s will be happy spending a day in solitude, even in the same household doing different activities.

The numerology compatibility can talk together for hours or sit in quiet reflection without saying a word and still feeling happy.

Good Things About This Compatibility

Life path seven is marked by eccentricity, so you must find someone who can handle number 7’s personality traits in stride.

What better way to do it than to pair up with another 7!

In most other couples, being too similar can lead to conflict and boredom.

This is not the case with 7’s, as they value one another’s familiarity.

Knowing what your partner is thinking and feeling only leads to greater satisfaction within the relationship.

They seek to share all the knowledge they have gained with another person they feel can appreciate it.

They feel blessed and grateful to have someone to talk to about what they’ve learned, read, experienced, and felt.

Bad Things About This Compatibility

While there is more good than bad things about the Compatibility between life paths 7 and 7, the most significant “con” is that they cannot deal with the unpleasant parts of mundane day-to-day living.

Both are great at procrastinating for tedious tasks like dealing with finances, so money trouble may arise if they are not careful.

As a result, the pair of 7’s must work together to ensure their household is solvent financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Other weaknesses of the 7 include a tendency to be argumentative, so married couples must be especially mindful of their word choices and thoughts when conflict inevitably rises in marriage.


When two life path 7’s get together, the result is a fulfilling, exciting, and never-boring relationship that will bring joy to both parties for years to come.

7’s are intellectual and desire to have someone they can share ideas with, discuss dreams, thoughts, and theories with, and at the same time enjoy their space when necessary.

As a result, the love compatibility between life paths 7 and 7 is strong.

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