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Left Hand Path Or Right Hand Path - Interpretation & Meaning


Left hand path or right hand pathare two classifications used to categorize occultand religious pathways. Even though there are several faiths and spiritual practices on each path and they all differ greatly, they share a few characteristics. However, there is some debate and prejudice around this terminology.

What Is The Left-Hand Path?

A raised left human hand
A raised left human hand

The left hand route is all about making the ego bigger and more important, as well as denying religious authority and social taboos. The left-hand route emphasizes the practitioner's fortitude and resolve. It makes it less likely that a higher power needs to step in, even if some people believe this to be true.

Left-handed approaches include Luciferianism and Satanism (both LaVeyan and Theistic). It is debatable among Thelma adherents whether the way is to the left or the right.

What Is The Right-Hand Path?

The right-hand path concentrates on the symbols of virtue, the sun, herd mentality, and devotion to god and religious authority."

The right-hand path, to put it more politely, might be understood as one of ceremony, dogma, and faith in both the formal organization of society and a higher force. Although each of those is also present in left-handed faiths, the right-handed route places less emphasis on self-indulgence.

Usage Limitation And Bias

This phrase has a major drawback in that it is mostly employed by left-handed people. Satanists frequently refer to their way as the left-hand way. However, people that follow the right-hand route, such as Christians, Jews, Wiccans, Druids, and others, do not declare themselves to be on it.

As a result, as Crabtree showed, explanations of the right-hand route frequently include negative terminology. Furthermore, many individuals who identify as being on the right-hand route would disagree, to varying degrees, with the criteria typically used.

In contrast, individuals who do consider themselves to be on the right-hand route typically characterize the left-hand path as being filled with evil, malice, and danger. When used in this way, the phrases are the same as white magic and black magic, two other very biased terms.

The Origin Of The Terms Of Left Hand Path Or Right Hand Path

Theosophy founder Helena Blavatsky is frequently credited with coining the words "left hand path or right hand path” pathways in Western occultismby appropriating them from Eastern traditions.

The "right" has long been associated in the West with virtue and accuracy, while the "left" has come to be associated with inferiority. A person's right-hand man is frequently referred to as his most dependable advisor. Since left-handedness was often thought to be a developmental mistake, left-handed youngsters were frequently made to learn how to use their right hand.

The term "sinister side" in heraldry refers to the left side of a shield and is derived from the Latin word meaning "left." Later, wickedness and malice were connected to this. The coat of arms from the bearer's maternal side is likewise shown on the sinister side. This demonstrates once again how little women are in contrast to males.

Joseph Campbell — Jung and the Right and Left-hand Paths


Left hand path or right hand path represents the division between two opposed approaches to magic in Western esotericism. This lingo is used by a variety of occult and ceremonial magic-related groups.

According to certain definitions, the Right-Hand Path is associated with beneficent white magic, and the Left-Hand Path is associated with evil black magic or black shamanism.

Other occultists disagree with this description since they think the Left-Right dichotomy simply refers to various working styles and is not always indicative of good or bad magical deeds.

The Left-Hand Path takes the opposite stance, advocating the breaking of taboos and the abandonment of established morality. More recent definitions, which base themselves on the terms' origins in Indian Tantra, view the Right-Hand Path as a definition for those magical groups that follow specific ethical codes and adopt social conventions.

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