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Is It Bad To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet? - A Sign Of Bad Luck


Is it bad to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet? The simple answer to this query is that wearing or buying an evil eye bracelet won't make you unlucky. But given that the name of this jewelry contains the term "evil," it could appear as if such would be the case. You'll be happy to learn that the truth is exactly the contrary and that purchasing an evil eye bracelet can really be lucky for you.

In essence, an evil eye bracelet is a sort of amulet jewelry that is often sported as a bracelet. The watchful eye sign serves as the bracelet jewelry's focal point.

The colors of these bracelets were initially simply blue and green when they were first created, but as time has passed, more colors have been added, including red, yellow, black, and white Their initial purpose was to serve as a spiritual talisman or piece of jewelry that a person may wear to ward off harm and bad energy.

Why Is It Bad To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet?

There is much disagreement about the evil eye symbolism, particularly when it comes to wearing such jewelry in nations that are less secular than others. However, some of the historic symbols are still used today by those who practice good luck, jinxing, and fortune-telling. One such emblem is the "evil eye."

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It's uncommon to see it being purchased for oneself, however. The evil eye emblem or jewelry is often given as a talisman or totem to others when you wish to shield them from evil spirits and negative energy. Many individuals who want an evil eye sometimes request one from their friends or family as a present or as a gift.

Four Different Colors Of Evil Eye Bracelets On Woman's Wrist
Four Different Colors Of Evil Eye Bracelets On Woman's Wrist

Why Shouldn’t You Buy The Evil Eye For Yourself?

If you believe in superstition, you shouldn't get an evil eye bracelet for yourself since it might be unlucky. Having said that, you would contend that even if you purchase it for your own protection, you should cleanse it or offer it to the gods you worship in order to ensure that it doesn't contain any negative energy and function as intended.

Additionally, you shouldn't purchase an evil eye bracelet if you are of a certain culture and were raised in a household or community where such bracelets are given as gifts or handed down from family members. Doing so can create discord in your life and family, which would indicate that you unintentionally but nonetheless invited ill luck into your existence.

Can I Give An Evil Eye Bracelet To Someone I Love?

Many cultures consider the Evil Eye bracelet to be a powerful charm that wards off bad karma or bad luck. Can someone gift it to someone they care about, though? There are a number of reasons why this may be done, and it is very definitely doable.

To begin with, the individual presenting the gift could have strong convictions of the Evil Eye's potency and want to shield their loved one from any possible harmful energy.

It could also be seen as a lucky charm, something that might represent safety and security in a union. Furthermore, the bracelet may be a stunning item of jewelry that draws attention from everyone, depending on the style that is supplied.

Giving an Evil Eye bracelet as a present may be a heartfelt gesture between two individuals who care passionately for one another, whether for superstitious or fashion reasons (or both!).

How The Evil Blue Eye Bracelet Works | What You Need To Know Before Buying Using It

Do Evil Eye Bracelets Really Work?

Yes, it works. Ancient Greece and Rome gave rise to the idea of the evil eye, which has been around for thousands of years. A person is said to cast an "evil eye" on another person if they gaze at them with jealousy or anger, which results in bad luck for the target.

People often wear protection jewelry, such as an evil eye charm bracelet, to offset this impact. Although current variations are available in a variety of colors and materials, these bracelets are traditionally crafted from metal or glass beads in tones of blue - a color associated with protection.

People Also Ask

Do You Have To Be Gifted An Evil Eye Bracelet?

Jewelry with the evil eye should be presented as a gift by a friend or relative who wishes to keep you safe.

Is It Bad To Wear An Evil Eye Bracelet?

No, purchasing evil eye jewelry for oneself is not unlucky.

What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Bracelet Falls Off?

It is said that if an evil eye bracelet breaks, the wearer was shielded from bad luck and the evil eye is no longer providing protection.


In this article, we elaborate on why is it bad to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet. Hope you get the answer. In case of any query, comment below.

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