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House Number 8 Numerology [Secrets Revealed You Must Know]

In this article, house number 8 numerology is our topic. Such houses are havens for prosperity and wealth.

These are homes that add to the number 8, such as 17 or 35, or others. Living in such a home means you will always be surprised.

This home’s vibrations are geared toward providing those with big ambitions the fuel they need to make their goals and dreams come true.

Occupants of such a home won’t get much of a break to sit and think quietly, as there is ALWAYS activity going on in this house.

Such a home might not be suited for all life paths, so carefully consider your home before buying.

Who Is Best Suited For A House With Number 8 Numerology?


Saturn oversees the number 8.

Authority and productivity reign supreme under Saturn, and so this home is just suitable for people who are goal-oriented and seeking success in the material sense of things.

For instance, salespeople, financiers, and business owners with personal and professional goals to meet will find comfort and a positive, energetic environment that helps them meet and exceed all targets.

It’s a home that rewards ambitious behavior.

This home is ideal for those whose birth number totals 8.

For example, if you were born on the 26th of any month or the 17th, or the 8th, you will find that this home helps you be your best self.

Who Should Avoid A House With Number 8 Numerology?

Are you starting a multi-generational home?

Are you a recently together couple who don’t know each other exceptionally well?

If so, consider avoiding the house of 8.

The couples could experience an imbalance in their relationship, as this house promotes authority.

One side of the relationship might begin to gain more power and feel they can boss around the other side.

For multi-generational or dual family living situations, one family might try and overpower the other.

This would create discord and an uncomfortable living situation for all parties involved and should be avoided.

How to Decorate Houses of 8


The number 8, says Chinese legend, is a lucky figure.

This is an amazing number.

The figure itself is the same shape as infinity, a special word we sometimes say to each other- “I love you to infinity,” and other similar phrases.

As a result, you would be best off taking excellent care of this home and respecting it to the core.

Take time to fix up and repair anything you notice going wrong.

Make sure the family works as a team to clean and tidy up the dwelling regularly.

If you can afford it, hiring a cleaner is also a fine idea.

Try to decorate with the best of the best furniture; It certainly doesn’t need to be expensive, but current styles and trends should be used.

Or, you can use timeless and classy pieces.

Earthen shades of red are a good color, as well as neutrals like oatmeal and cream.

Blues and whites are great for bedrooms to help promote a sense of calm in a home where ideas are always churning and “pleasant chaos” is taking place as kids, pets, parents, and other relatives work and play.

Cautions for House Number 8 Numerology

Make sure to create a space for yourself to sit and relax. This is a bustling home. Create a room for yourself or your family where no screens or noisy activity is allowed. Instead, the room could be devoted to reading, card games, knitting, or other relaxing activities.

Make sure family time is part of your daily schedule. People in houses of 8 are busy and ambitious, so it’s easy to lose sight of what matters.

So instead, try a nightly chat, read a book together, or play a board game.

Mental health matters in a house of 8. In a home where the family is always busy, and there’s not much downtime, you can become burned out very fast. So make sure time for meditation and relaxation is part of your schedule.

Final Thoughts

Abundance is the name of the game when it comes to a house of 8.

Those residing in the house of 8 will find themselves in a place where wealth seems to come easy thanks to all the hard work of the occupants.

Numerology 8 is also associated with fortune and power, and one member of the family will likely be recognized publicly.

Occupants will enjoy such trappings of success, but they must be cautious not to lose sight of what matters most: the love and support of friends and family.

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