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House Number 7 Numerology [Secrets Revealed You Must Know]


In this post, we explore House Number 7 numerology.

If you are a person very in touch with your spiritual side, and you enjoy meditation, quiet moments, and lots of reflection, a house of 7 is ideal for you.

This house contains the number seven, or the figures of your home add up to seven.

Such is the case with 34, 43, 61, and others.

It is a place of spirituality and reflection, such as you find with a place of worship.

Theenergyof a seven-house is relaxing and calming.

It is a pleasure for those who need breaks from daily life to enter and relax in your home, and you will find that your stresses are limited, too.

Who Should Reside in The House of 7?

House Number 7 Numerology
House Number 7 Numerology

The moon rules this home. It is a place where those seeking the meaning of life, or their purpose in life, can find a haven to explore such matters.

A house with number 7 is a home where those seeking isolation can come live safely.

This sort of home is ideal for those pursuing knowledge of religion, philosophy, the sciences, and more because it offers the quiet solitude needed to study and learn.

It is also an ideal haven for those with troubled pasts.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of traumas such as abuse, a physical accident, or other challenging life matters, a house of 7 can provide a place where positive energy flows and healing of the mind may happen safely.

Single people often live in houses of 7, as they are undergoing big moments of transformation in their life.

They may be climbing the ladder to achieve a better career.

They could be recovering from a relationship that took a physical or mental toll upon them and learning to love again.

It is also a place where people undergoing personal journeys of discovery can safely relax and come to terms with the new and exciting things they are learning with each passing day.

House of 7 - Who Should NOT Reside Here?

House Number 7 Numerology
House Number 7 Numerology

Couples, friends, and family want to make sure they carefully monitor their relationships.

The nature of this home promotes solitude, reflection, and overall a sense of calm.

A home with numerologyseven may bring such people together or drive them apart.

Be sure you are taking care of your relationships with those you love.

If you are on a life path that does not enjoy solitude - for instance, you are on a life path twowho values relationships with others sincerely - a house of 7 will not provide the lifestyle you may be looking for.

A home business is not ideal in the house of 7 either - the profits are not forecasted to be as good as a higher energy home, such as a house of number 4where goals and hard work reign supreme.

A business that centers upon spirituality or self-growth is likely to thrive.

Cautions Regarding House Numerology 7

  • Such homes have been known to be a victim of repairs involving dampness, which means homeowners or prospective buyers should be watchful for leaky basements, foundations weakened due to water, or mold. These matters all can affect your quality of life, so do be sure to ask the Realtor or former owner about such matters. A home inspection is not a bad idea either.
  • This home promotes a huge sense of solitude. You must make sure to take care to avoid becoming lonely. You may wish to join a volunteer group, have friends over, attend functions at your school or church, or call up some friends for a chat. You can also balance the house number by adding any numeral except 1 on the inside of the door.

Wrapping It Up

Homes with Number 7 Numerology
Homes with Number 7 Numerology

Numerology number 7represents spirituality to the highest degree.

It is a number we find in well-known religious texts and cultures, and religions around the world.

It is highly regarded as a number that carries the chance for knowledge, reflection, introspection, and mysticism.

The house of 7 is like a sanctuary of sorts; it is a place of calm, peace, relaxation, and quietness.

Such a home can have a transformative impact on those that reside in it.

This can be a great thing for somebody who needs to change their lives but can be damaging if a drastic change is unnecessary.

Seven houses are ideal for the right person - take great care to know yourself and know if such a dwelling is suitable for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post discussing House Number 7 Numerology, and you found it valuable and insightful.

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