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Herbs That Induce Vivid Dreams - Natural Methods


Few people are aware of herbs that induce vivid dreamsand the potential risks associated with using herbs without understanding things like side effects and probable drug interactions. Many individuals mistakenly believe that something is quite safe simply because it is a plant. Some people may find it to be very safe, while others may find it to be extremely risky, particularly if they are taking medication or already have other sleep disorders.

Any herb, if consumed to foster a dream life, can be beneficial. A fungus improves memory and can encourage lucid dreaming and dream recall. Holy basil, commonly known as Tulsi, is a tasty tea that can assist with some sleep disorders and the physiological effects they have.

Herbs for sleep and dreaming are not a one-size-fits-all solution; rather, they should be tailored to the goals of the user and take into account their particular sleep and dreamexperiences.

Herbs That Induce Vivid Dreams

Many plants have historically been utilized for enhancing the dreamstate, releasing the spirit, and prophesying. They are drugs that cause or intensify dream-like states of consciousness and are known as androgens, from the Greek words óneiros, which means dream, and gen, which means to make. Oneiromancy is the practice of consuming particular herbs while dreaming to obtain divine messages and prophecies.

Herbs For Dreaming

The recall and intensity of dreams are said to be improved by several traditional ceremonial herbs, including Silene capensis (also known as the "African dream root") and Calea zacatechichi (also known as the "Aztec dream herb") from South Africa.

Online sellers can be used to purchase them with varying degrees of ease, but precise information about source and processing is not always easy to find. Undoubtedly, these plants' "foreign" origins play a large part in their appeal to psychonauts in North America.


Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as mugwort, is the main herb I suggest using for dreamwork. It is affordable, available everywhere as a weedy herb that thrives in cities and attracts humans, and completely trustworthy for its effects on dreaming.

These effects are best defined as boosting or intensifying dream recall, intricacy, resolution, and texture. Mugwort elevates you above the level of your regular dream state. Taking mugwort will not make you a lucid dreamer overnight. This is a technique that takes continued effort, so make sure to engage in mindset-regulating and intention-setting activities before bed, such as breathing exercises, guided imagery, and meditation.


Shatavari opens the heart, enabling you to enter the world of dreams by listening to the voice of your spirit. Shatavari is also referred to as "the flying herb" because it is said to give you the ability to fly across the skies of your dreams, above woods and trees, and to faraway locations.

Many people believe that shatavari enhances the vividness and excitement of their dreams, as well as the happiness and relaxation they experience upon awakening. This shouldn't come as a surprise because shatavari is also a well-known adaptogen. Ideally used as a tincture or tonic made with milk,

Valerian Officinalis

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) (Valeriana officinalis) According to legend, the notorious Pied Piper used this plant to calm and enchant both children and rodents. It is a very old herb, used at least as far back as Pliny's time, but I'm not positive about that.

Despite being used in the past to treat a variety of ailments, this herb is today primarily associated with sleep and relaxation. Strongly sedative in nature, valerian is believed to increase dream vividness, content, and recall. It may even increase the possibility of lucid dreaming. People who utilize it are said to experience luck and calm best consumed as a tea or tincture.

Close-Up of Herbs Near Pot
Close-Up of Herbs Near Pot

Role Of Herbs In Dreamwork

Science today still doesn't understand why people dream. It has a significant impact on how you perceive the people in your immediate surroundings and gives your life a definite shape. However, as soon as you start to examine your dreams, you tap into your inner knowing and subconsciousness to find the wisdom you have been seeking your entire life.

Herbs can be added to this spiritual exercise to revive your senses and strengthen your ties to the earth. Herbs are frequently used to cure insomnia and calm restless nerves. You can, however, extend these benefits and begin your dream work sessions. You can incorporate herbs in a variety of ways into your dreamwork program, including

  • Tea
  • Incense can be made out of anything.
  • Increasing the baths
  • applying its oil to your skin

Using It May Carry Some Health Risks

High doses of Calea zacatechichi have been linked by one reliable source to nausea and vomiting. Some claim that the tea's flavor is so harsh that it makes them queasy and leaves them with an unpleasant aftertaste. If you choose to smoke it to get rid of the flavor, you can develop a cough, a sore throat, or trouble breathing.

Additionally, smoking in any form is bad for your lungs. Last but not least, despite the herb having some ability to lower blood sugar, a 2016 study conducted by a reputable source that evaluated its usage as a diabetic treatment found a connection between herb use and kidney cell damage and cell death.

The authors of the study stressed the need for greater research and acknowledged that they lacked sufficient data to explain how Calea zacatechichi affected cells in particular.

Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Teas/Herbs COMPARED And Explained

Other Foods To Make You Dream

Another food that many claims create vivid dreams is pizza before bed. Additionally, it's been said that consuming cabbage or Brussels sprouts right before bedtime causes your dreams to come to life in smell-o-vision. Vibrant dreaming can also be brought on by a number of herbal supplements and medications.

For instance, people who start taking antidepressants frequently observe an increase in vivid dreams. Some plants that are intended to promote sleep, such as chamomile and valerian root, might also result in more vivid dreams.

One of the negative effects of nicotine patches is having extremely vivid dreams that continue for hours and feel extremely real, despite not being food. One of the most persistent myths is that eating cheese right before bedtime causes nightmares. But is this really the case, and do certain cheeses have various effects?

In any case, for a week before bed, 200 participants received cheese from British researchers. Although no one experienced a nightmare, it did alter their dreams. Cheddar eaters had dreams about famous people. Red Leicester, a different British cheese, reminded individuals of their school days.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Herbs That Are Known To Induce Vivid Dreams?

Calea Zacatechichi, Wild Lettuce, Mugwort, and Blue Lotus are a few plants that have a reputation for producing vivid dreams.

How Do These Herbs Work To Induce Vivid Dreams?

By influencing the neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain that regulate the sleep cycle, particularly the REM state when the majority of vivid dreams take place, these herbs help to produce vivid dreams.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Using Herbs To Induce Vivid Dreams?

The use of herbs to produce vivid dreams may have undesirable side effects, such as dry mouth, lightheadedness, and nausea. Before utilizing or ingesting herbs, it's vital to do a patch test since certain plants may potentially induce allergic responses.

Depending on the herb and each person's tolerance, several dosages are advised for utilizing herbs to produce vivid dreams. Before ingesting any herbs, it is crucial to follow the directions on the container or get advice from a healthcare provider.


You're not alone if you're curious about lucid dreams or even just experiencing more vivid dreams that you can remember. Many people desire to attempt to have more insightful dreams or dreams that are more engaging with herbs that induce vivid dreams.

It's vital to keep in mind that there isn't much research on the plant Calea zacatechichi, despite the fact that some people firmly believe it works for this purpose. Additionally, it is not FDA-regulated, making it difficult to find a high-quality product.

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