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What Is Heart Chakra Healing & How To Does It Work?

The human body has a multi-layered structure that may be broken down into its physical, astral, and spiritual components. The astral body, also known as the energy body, is a complicated structure that is controlled by energy centers called chakras. The fourth energy center, often known as the Heart Chakra healing, is the Anahata Chakra. There are a total of seven chakras.

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The human body has a multi-layered structure that may be broken down into its physical, astral, and spiritual components. The astral body, also known as the energy body, is a complicated structure that is controlled by energy centers called chakras. The fourth energy center, often known as the Heart Chakra healing, is the Anahata Chakra.
There are a total of seven chakras. This chakra is a crucial part of our general well-being because it enables us to maintain emotional equilibrium, acquire a deeper sense of self-awareness, and cultivate relationships with other people that are valuable to us.
In this comprehensive reference to the chakra system, we will investigate the features that distinguish the fourth energy center from the others, as well as the significant signsand symptoms that indicate a blockage in the system.
We will also provide an in-depth explanation of the healing of the Heart Chakra, including instructions on how to unblock and open it using effective yogic methods such as yoga poses, meditation on chakras, and positive affirmations.

How To Heal Your Heart Chakra?

As always, one of the reasons I enjoy yoga so much is that it aligns with the chakras. The heart chakra can be brought back into alignment by the practice of several different yoga asanas, particularly the bow posture, the camel pose, and chest openers.
You might want to try following along with a guided yoga flow such as this heart chakra yoga for beginners, Anahata chakra yoga session, heart-opening rose yoga, or 15-minute flow. Exercising in general is one of the most essential factors that might contribute to the growth of a positive sense of self-love.
Our bodies are the greatest treasures we have been given, and the more we can learn to appreciate, honor, and take care of them, the stronger our heart chakras will be in general. Breathwork is another potent activity, especially when taking into consideration the fact that air is the element associated with the heart chakra.
Even something as easy as taking several slow, deep breaths can help bring about feelings of peace and tranquility, as well as release bad energy that has become caught in the heart chakra. Take it a step further by engaging in a visualization exercise. For example, you could see a stunning rose opening its petals from the center of your heart chakra as you do this.
Green Color Anahata Chakra With Greeen Color Flower
Green Color Anahata Chakra With Greeen Color Flower

How To Balance The Heart Chakra: Essential Tools For Life

Healing your heart, getting your energy flowing, and living a life filled with unconditional love is a practice that must be maintained, but the rewards are well worth the effort. The chakras demonstrate that energy wishes to flow, move, and be free; it wants to do these things. Now, let's work on opening up your heart chakra and aligning it.
You can boost your flow, creativity, inspiration, and joy in the process by trying out some of these wonderful activities, which are listed below.

Pick A Pose

You guessed it! It's yoga. Your energy will be moved upwards, and your chakras will be balanced as a result, if you engage in a holistic yoga practice that consists of asana yoga postures, pranayama breathing methods, and meditation.
Backbends and other yoga postures that involve opening the chest and bringing fresh energy into the heart center are particularly effective for evoking the spacious and open-hearted attributes associated with the heart chakra. The Puppy Dog Pose, the Camel Pose, the Wheel Pose, and the Upward-Facing Dog Pose are all wonderful examples of yoga poses.


Your love ought to make room for both of you! You may be their first love. Affirmations that are loving, positive, and supportive, in addition to taking the time to appreciate aspects of oneself such as one's resilience, generosity, and sense of humor, can all contribute to the development of a loving relationship between oneself and oneself.


Devotion, or bhakti as it is known in Sanskrit, is another method in which humans can elicit a sensation of profound, unconditional love, or even divine love, in themselves. One of the primary yogic paths is called bhakti yoga.
If there is a particular teacher or deity that speaks to you, you may find it beneficial to hang pictures of them in your home. Additionally, if you enjoy singing, you may find that kirtan and chanting are activities that appeal to you. The chanting of a mantra, which is an integral part of the practice of kirtan, is known to be an extremely stabilizing and heart-opening endeavor.

Characteristics Of The Heart Chakra Healing

The name for this chakra when spoken in Sanskrit is "Anahata." It is the spiritual location where our previous hurts and experiences no longer have the power to affect us. Green, the hue linked with the Anahata chakra, is said to represent the process of transformation as well as the energy of love.
Those who have a heart chakra that is open and well-balanced can love, forgive, and have compassion for others. But negative emotions like as rage, grief, wrath, and envy might surface if this chakra is obstructed.
The process of awakening the heart chakra is a mystical one that should not be missed. It doesn't matter if this energy center was blocked when you were young or because of a recent heartache; what matters is that you start the process of healing by opening your heart.
Heart Chakra Sign In Front Nature
Heart Chakra Sign In Front Nature


Although chakras take the form of spheres, they are typically depicted artistically in a way that represents the qualities that they possess. The emblem of the Heart Chakra is composed of.
  • 12 petals, each of which represents one of the 12 sounds that can be produced by the rotation of the chakra.
  • A green tint may be seen, which is caused by the reflection of a mixture of fire from below and sky from above.
  • Two triangles, one representing each of the contrasting feelings of liking and disliking.
  • Plant yam seeds in the middle as a mantra.


Air, also known as Vayu, is the element associated with the fourth chakra. When we breathe, we draw air from the atmosphere into our lungs. If we do not periodically renew the air element, we will experience feelings of exhaustion, acute depression, and disconnection from our feelings and our creative spirit.
Additionally, the emotional equilibrium and sense of joy that we experience in life are connected to the element of air. Therefore, when we revitalize the element, both our creative abilities and emotional states are in sync.


The air element encircles the Heart Chakra in the body. The green color is created when the blue color of the space element, which is located above, and the yellow color of the fire element, which is located below, reflect on the element, which otherwise has no color of its own. Because of this, the color associated with the Heart Chakra is green.
The Anahata Chakra is represented by the color green, which is said to represent both nature and tenderness. Additionally, it conveys a sense of stability and indicates growth along with restored and strong interpersonal connections.
(Prana) means "energy." 'Prana' is the name of the prana that is connected to the Heart Chakra healing. The energy that we get from the air that we breathe is called prana, which is Sanskrit for "breath of life." This prana is necessary for the proper operation of the heart, which is an important factor in determining whether or not we will continue to live and thrive.

Primary Emotions

The basic feelings of unconditional love and attachment are related to the Heart Chakra. When this energy center is functioning properly, we can experience love that is not conditional in its most authentic form. This is the kind of love that we feel for every being in the same way and without any conditions, regardless of our connection to them or the species that they are.
On the other hand, attachment is a feeling that is influenced by circumstances. It is the act of assigning a value to someone or something greater than that value possesses. People have a propensity to form attachments to other people, things, and even particular routines, such as the way that they dress and the foods that they eat.

How To Unblock & Open The Heart Chakra

The repair of one's heart chakra increases feelings of love, compassion, and empathy. This is something that not only applies to other people but also to oneself. You are free to be yourself when your chakras are in harmony, rather than spending energy trying to conform to the expectations of others. The following is a list of the most effective yogic techniques for opening up and healing your Anahata Chakra.

Opening Heart Chakra Meditation

Meditation on the chakras can unblock the energy center and allow more oxygen and blood to flow through the heart, which is the organ that is most commonly affected. The discipline of meditation is undertaken solely by the individual, and it is this practice that prepares one to encounter calm inside.
Your practice can be strengthened by including Sanskrit mantras, and the Vayu Mudra for the Heart Chakra restores harmony to the body's relationship with its air element.


Affirmations are a great tool for helping to boost the positive energy that is linked with the fourth energy area. Affirmations that are good for the Heart Chakra include the following examples.
  • I have a profound and total love and acceptance for myself.
  • I am cherished and sought after.
  • My arms are wide open, ready to receive love.
  • I have mercy on myself.
  • I try to maintain an attitude of grace and gratitude in my daily life.
  • I place a higher importance on love than on attachment.
  • I am deserving of your affection.
  • I have an equal amount of affection for all beings.
  • I am in tune with both myself and the people around me.

HEART CHAKRA HEALING Hang Drum Music || Attract Love & Balance Emotions

Pranayama Breathing Exercises

As air is the element associated with the fourth chakra, pranayama, and other breathing techniques can serve as a gateway to opening up this energy point. Anulom Vilom is a form of breathwork that is considered to be among the most effective since it not only brings the right and left hemispheres of the brain into balance but also the Anahata Chakra. The practice of Anulom Vilom has a calming effect on the mind as well as the body.

Yoga Positions For The Heart Chakra

The physical postures of yoga, known as asanas, can assist in the opening and balancing of the Anahata Chakra by improving circulation, lessening muscular tension, and encouraging relaxation throughout the body.
In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the many yoga positions that are the most effective for opening up the heart center and restoring harmony to the energy system. If you want to see benefits, make sure to practice these postures consistently and include them in a practice that is both balanced and comfortable.

People Also Ask

What Are The Indications That The Heart Chakra Is Not Functioning Properly?

The inability to develop meaningful connections, feelings of loneliness, envy, and resentment, as well as issues with self-love, are all indications that the Heart Chakra is out of balance.

In What Ways Might Healing Crystals Promote The Healing Of The Heart Chakra?

Crystals that have a strong resonance with the energy of the heart chakra include rose quartz and green aventurine.

What Kind Of Effects Can Heal The Heart Chakra Have On Relationships?

Healing of the heart chakra has a beneficial effect on relationships because it encourages emotional equilibrium and empathy.


The Heart Chakra healing is an essential part of the process of coming into one's own and achieving holistic well-being since it helps to maintain emotional equilibrium, encourages the development of self-love, and facilitates the transformation of relationships. When we commit to healing ourselves through practices such as meditation, yoga, the use of crystals, and acts of kindness, we put ourselves on a path that ultimately leads to a profound inner transformation.
When we align the energy core of our hearts, we open a floodgate of love and compassion, not only for the people around us but also for ourselves. We open ourselves up to the power of the Heart Chakra so that it can lead us to a life that is genuine, resilient emotionally, and full of harmonious connections as a result of going through this process.
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