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Dreaming Of A Snake Chasing You - A Warning To Be Aware


Dreaming of a snake chasing you or biting you in a dream is a warning to be cautious of your surroundings. You might specifically be dealing with betrayal or infidelity.

Because snakes lie low to the ground and their actions are concealed, Bowman warns that if you're not looking, you can miss them. In essence, it's a signal to follow your gut.

Symbolism Of Dreaming Of A Snake Chasing You

Have you recently had dreaming of a snake chasing you? And you recall running to protect your family and yourself? Alternatively, what if the snake that was pursuing you killed you, or if you killed the snake?

Woman in a Blue Dress Posing with a Python
Woman in a Blue Dress Posing with a Python

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Whatever the case, you have to admit that being pursued by a snake is something you never want to experience in real life, and experiencing it in a dream might make you feel quite anxious. Your dream's serpent chase seems so real that you don't want to turn around to see it coming; all you want to do is run and hide. But what does this dream mean?

A Person You Want To Avoid

A snake chasing you in a dream may be a person you want to avoid in the real world because they can make you feel uncomfortable or threatened. If your child is having this dream, it can be a representation of the bullies who threaten him or her in real life.

It might also refer to someone else your youngster is attempting to keep away from during the day. Having a chase dream might be an adult's way of avoiding a friend, relative, partner, neighbor, or some fake friends in the real world. These also include those that you fear could harm your bodily or emotional well-being.

A Fact Or Truth That You Don’t Believe

Sometimes, simply because you don't want to, you refuse to acknowledge the reality or facts of what has occurred in your life. You continued to believe that other things could injure your body, even though reality dictates otherwise.

In your dreams, the snake can stand in for that reality or something you aren't yet ready to embrace. It is an indication that you must accept reality and deal with it, as opposed to denying it and escaping from it. It's as if reality is following you, pleading with you to leave your fantasy world behind and live in the real one.

Interpretation Of Dreaming Of A Snake Chasing You

Generally speaking, if you dream about a snake, the dream may be trying to communicate with you about something that has been bothering or frustrating you. It could, in some situations, be an indication of self-sabotage

How it's preventing you from moving forward in other aspects of your life. In the same way, a snake in your dream can represent something you are trying to avoid. However, the snake can also stand for something positive, like renewal. It might also imply that things are not as they seem and that there is more to learn than meets the eye.

Being Chased By A Rattlesnake, Cobra, Viper, Or Adder

This dream can represent anything evil in your life that is trying to harm you. This is undoubtedly a dream that should make you uneasy and alert. Things that may appear to be "accidents" in your life could constitute sabotage.

Being Chased By Garden Snakes

If you have this dream, it may represent aspects of your life that you are deeply terrified of but for which there is no justification. These objects are rather innocuous, so there is no reason for you to be avoiding them or feeling uneasy.

DREAM ABOUT SNAKE CHASING ME - Spiritual Meaning Of Snakes In Dreams

People Also Ask

What Is The Meaning Of Dreaming Of A Snake Chasing You?

Being chased by or bitten by a snake in a dream is a warning to be wary of your surroundings.

What Is The Interpretation Of Dreaming Of A Snake Chasing You?

If you have snake-related dreams, your subconscious may be trying to tell you something about something that has been bothering or frustrating you.

What Is The Meaning Of Being Chased By Garden Snakes In A Dream?

This dream may reflect areas of your life that you are intensely afraid of yet for which there is no explanation if you have it.


A dreaming of a snake chasing you or vipers suggests that you have been omitting or disregarding significant events in your real life. You may be putting off dealing with those problems until later rather than doing so right away.

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