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Dream About Fish - What Does It Mean In Reality?

We all dream, and the things we see in our dreams can be interesting, scary, or have deeper meanings. Since the time of the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, people have tried to figure out what their dreams mean.

Calvin Penwell
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We all dream, and the things we see in our dreamscan be interesting, scary, or have deeper meanings.
Since the time of the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, people have tried to figure out what their dreams mean.
When we dream about fish, it can mean a lot of different things, such as new life, pregnancy, or spiritual satisfaction.
Keeping a dream journal is the best way to figure out how your dreams affect you.
Write down everything you can remember about each dream, think about what it might mean, and then look at your life to see if it's true.
If you dream about fish, it could mean one of the following:
Fishes symbolize spirituality and mysticism in Christianity. Fish symbolize intuition, wisdom, and self-knowledge, therefore Native Americans in North and South America believe they represent a connection to the higher self.


Many women dream of fish when trying to conceive. Fish symbolize fertilization, fertility, and pregnancy in dreams. A fish lays hundreds of eggs when it reproduces, symbolizing fresh life and the need for nurturing.


Fish symbolize evolution and metamorphosis. Water symbolizes change, growth, and evolution because of its connection to life. Dreams about fishmay convey this major change.
It gently reminds us to be open to change before and after it happens. Change is inevitable, so it's best to embrace it and guide it.

Flow Of Life

Because they live in water, fish symbolize flow, mobility, fluidity, and movement. This is a pleasant reminder to flow with life. Just as fish swim in different directions with the tides, you must follow certain actions to reach your goals.


Fish symbolize cleanliness and sanctification. Fishes' capacity to mirror feelings and desires will enhance your sensitivity and intuition. It encourages honesty in all facets of life.
An orange fish swimming in the ocean
An orange fish swimming in the ocean

Interpretation Of Some Fish Dream Scenarios

Dream Of A Big Fish

If the fisherman catch big fish, there will be plenty of food. Dreams rarely change. Dreams of catching a big fish indicate ambition and hard work.

Dream About Fresh Fish

Fresh fish symbolizes the persistence of immediate dreams, another sign of contentment. If you keep doing what you love and chase your dreams, great things will happen.

Dream Of Seeing A Lot Of Fish

Many fish means excitement and success, but with stronger symbolism. Dreaming about angry sharks, which symbolize social anxiety and professional unease, may be harmful.

Dream Of Catching Fish

If you dream of hand-collecting fish, you may be able to handle unexpected events and find more steadiness. If the fish escapes while you hold it, it shows a greater attempt to circumvent the same impediment. Both scenarios need moral fortitude and tenacity.

People Also Ask

What Does Dreams About Fish Eggs Mean?

Dreaming about fish eggs may seem odd, yet it has a positive meaning. Dream eggs symbolize a fresh start. It often affects fertility. Whether pregnant or about to, fish egg dreams are common. Fish eggs in dreams might symbolize new beginnings, like when you meet someone new and have the possibility to date.

What Do Fish Mean In Dreams?

Fish dreams in Chinese dream interpretation mean prosperity. Chinese fish symbolize riches. Thus, dreaming of a fish brings prosperity. Chinese astrology's fish symbolism goes beyond pronunciation. Fish have symbolized wealth since ancient times. Fish also represent new beginnings.

What Is The Spiritual Symbolism Of Fish In Dreams

Fish have been spiritual symbols for a long time since they provide food. It symbolizes endless creativity, abundance, and the dangers of seeking more. It illustrates the ongoing contradiction between having a spiritual nature and a physical body: we may materialize anything we want, but will we create a world that represents our spiritual objectives or our egoist desires?


In-depth research has shown that a fish in a dream is symbolic and reflects your inner reality. It's a nice reminder to make positive changes and overcome your obstacles.
Feelings and excessive thinking should not influence your decision. Instead, intuitively and mindfully reading such dreams is best.
Pop-ups from your subconscious mind may reveal hidden truths to you. You are the best judge of how dreams connect to your life and living, so you should choose a fish dream interpretation that works for you.
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