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What Is The Difference Between Succubus And Incubus?


Do you know the difference between succubus and incubus? The words "incubus" and "succubus" are sometimes confused, but they have distinct meanings. Incubuses or demons who have sexual encounters with sleeping humans were called incubuses and succubi in Medieval Christian literature.

In the past, they would lie to people as they slept and have intercourse with them. Because both incubus and succubus are demonic entities, many people still get them mixed up.

Even though incubus and succubus have some things in common, the essay will be about how they are different.

What Is This Incubus Thing?

An incubus is a male demon or ghost that possesses women while they sleep. There is a strong resemblance between Incubus and Succubus, two evil spirits known for visiting their victims at night. Constant sexual activity with evil spirits is harmful to one's health.

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What Is Succubus?

A female ghost known as a "succubus" will sleep on the chests of sleeping men to have sexual relations with them. Succubus is a phrase used in both Christian theology and psychiatry; troubled women often claim being violated in their sleep, prompting the former to coin the latter name.

Even though some religious people say that demons can't have sex with sleeping women, it's impossible to disprove a woman's claim that she is sexually abused by spirits while she sleeps.

A female ghost sexually abusing a man in his sleep
A female ghost sexually abusing a man in his sleep

Succubus And Incubus Abilities

The first step for most succubi and incubi in corrupting mortal souls is to sneak up on them as they sleep (by slipping through walls in their ethereal forms) and flood their dreams with immortality.

The succubus or incubus then materializes in the physical world in the same form as in the dreams, satisfying the mortal's whims and leading them astray.

In this method, the soul of the mortal is sent to the Lower Planes after being killed by a succubus or incubus. So, both the succubus and the incubus have powerful magical charms, but they usually only use them when they need to protect themselves.

The following are resistances to nonmagical attacks: cold, fire, lightning, poison, and bludgeoning/piercing/slashing.

  • Ethereality is the ability to move freely between the material and astral planes.
  • In a magical transformation, a shapeshifter can take on the appearance of a tiny or medium humanoid of the same sex or return to its original form while retaining all of its previous attributes (except that without wings they cannot fly). change back to their original shape after they die.
  • Fan art by fl0werb0ys depicts a succubus ordering Caleb to burn down his party.
  • To use its charm ability, a succubus or incubus must be within 30 feet of a humanoid, and that humanoid must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed for 1 day, during which time it must obey the fiend's verbal or psychic demands. Each time the charmed creature takes damage or is given a command that would cause it to commit suicide, it can attempt the saving throw again. The succubus' or incubus' charm is broken on any creature that they fascinate. After the saving throw or when the spell wears off, the creature is protected from the fiend's charm for the next 24 hours.
  • Any creature a succubus or incubus has enchanted forms a telepathic bond with them, allowing them to speak with them over space and time.
  • When a succubus or incubus delivers the killing blow, it kisses a willing creature, dealing psychic damage and lowering its maximum hit points until the target finishes a long rest. When a creature's health reaches 0, it is considered dead.

A succubus can change into an incubus, and vice versa, but the creatures usually prefer one form over the other.

Mythical Creatures Lore - Succubus & Incubus, What are They?

People Also Ask

What Is Incubus Syndrome?

People who think that an invisible lover has touched them sexually are said to have incubus syndrome. This is a rare type of hallucination.

What Is A Succubus And What Does It Do?

A female demon known as a "Lilin" who comes to men in their dreams for seduction through sexual encounters is a "succubus."

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Succubus?

This term refers to a female supernatural being's implied sexual position in relation to a sleeping male (sub-"under" and cubare "to lie").


Hope you understand now the difference between succubus and incubus! Psychologists have looked to sexual taboos in religion, especially Christianity, to explain the existence of incubuses and succubi.

For fear of the wrath of their elders, women sometimes blame these demons for unplanned pregnancies or acts of incest. No matter what the reality is, there are still those who have firm faith in these fantastical beings.

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