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Coincidences And The Meaning Of Life Means Picking Out Similarities


A collision of events, taking place at the same time and having some coincidences and the meaning of life are the three conditions that must be met for something to be considered a coincidence, according to the definition provided by the dictionary.

For instance, the following is how the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines coincidence:

“The coincidence of events that would not normally occur at the same time but do so for reasons that appear to be connected”

According to Carl Jung, a coincidence is transformed into a unique form known as synchronicity the moment it takes on a meaningful significance (some examples will be provided later).

Today use the terms “coincidence” and “synchronicity” interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference between the two in the technical sense.

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Coincidence Isn’t The Whole Picture

But by making synchronicity exceptional, you can misread the situation. Even if life is a worthwhile experience, you might have too many of them.

Your eyes and ears are inundated with billions of sensory input points, and your head is overflowing with ideas.

You manipulate reality to fit what you want to see, hear and think to create order out of chaos.

This condensed version is merely a small portion of the entire document, and it has an inherent flaw.

You've trained your mind to slip into the same old patterns of thinking, language, and behavior by squelching all experiences that could advance your personal development and bring you more awareness.

Fortunately, reality has a habit of occasionally sending you signals that run counter to your preconceived notions.

A particular form of the message is synchronicity. It reads, "This planet has more to offer than your wildest dreams."

Synchronicity suggests that a superior intelligence can orchestrate occurrences so that unanticipated meaning emerges.

A synchronous experience also defies the laws of cause and consequence.

You did not cause the coincidence if, after you think of a word, it is used on TV in the next minute. But something happened. On your spiritual journey, you investigate what this something might be.

Woman in White Dress Standing in a Grass Field
Woman in White Dress Standing in a Grass Field

Tapping Into Pure Consciousness

Call the organizing power of pure consciousness. In other words, if you go far enough into your awareness to come close to its source, everything is beautifully structured and placed together with everything else.

Synchronicity is a negligible example of this. Glimpses are crucial because they make you consider the possibility that you are more than simply a dot of dust in a random cosmos.

Our key claim is that significance in one area is arbitrarily perceived as randomness in another. Take a macro lens and place it on a painter's palette.

His or her brush may be seen haphazardly dipping into several colors.

When viewed from a distance, it is clear that the painter is creating a brilliantly ordered, flawlessly orderly artwork, in contrast to the jabs, which don't seem to follow any kind of pattern.

Your mind's entrenched habit prefers to see random, inexplicable chance as having complete control. Many things appear to be out of place.

Good people unnecessarily incur injury, perish, or fall ill. Only internally can the order that appears to be buried beneath this impersonal randomness be discovered.

You must undertake your research until you are certain that there is order and significance underlying the apparent randomness, injustice, arbitrariness, and possibly terrible events. I'm not going to reveal all of my secrets.

There is a lot to discover and absorb. You need more evidence than "everything happens for a reason" to believe that you are not a victim of chance.

You also don't find out why a trustworthy politician rises to power or why a beloved family member gets sick. Such occurrences are a necessary component of life's drama.

That alone is the biggest hint. Drama, the never-ending game of good and evil, pleasure and sorrow, can become an addiction that makes it impossible to look elsewhere.

“Beyond” is the aim of the spiritual journey. It creates a sense that transcends any drama by illustrating how everyday life can feel like a spell, dream, or illusion.

If you have extended your consciousness through yoga, meditation, and other tried-and-true techniques for releasing your awareness, the drama starts to matter less and less.

Deep assurance that one may comprehend and encounter totality takes its place. When you live in wholeness, you come to see that it doesn't matter whether you classify things as random or significant.

When you establish a connection with this singular reality, which is evolving internally, the drama of consciousness takes on a life of its own.

The Hidden Meaning Of Coincidences

Your life has a startling intersection of two events. The first could be a notion or a feeling, whereas the second comes from your surroundings.

The two incidents don't seem to be related in any way. Your mind starts to look for explanations as you try to process the surprise.

Connecting with Coincidence, coincidences occur in all aspects of our everyday lives, including finances, work, relationships, family, romance, health, and spirituality.

They also show up in literature, film, and the news. They support society, much as sex does.

Carl Jung coined the term "synchronicity" to describe meaningful occurrences in the West.

Many Jungian's believe that the goal of synchronicity is to support psychological development and change to individuate, to become truly who you are.

By chance, one of my research subjects shared this illustration of counseling.

You may become aware of coincidences and synchronicity in a variety of ways. You might come across a sign, a TV scene, or a song that encourages you to reflect on yourself.

Online, you might find anything at the perfect time. You might hear a few words from a corner.

If you are prepared to notice, useful cues to curiosity can appear practically anywhere.

Woman in White Dress Sitting on Green Grass Field
Woman in White Dress Sitting on Green Grass Field

How To Increase The Number Of Coincidences In Your Life?

If you want to have more coincidences in your life, pay attention to your ideas and the situations that are more likely to produce them.

The odd convergence of a concept with a related event is the starting point of many coincidences. Thoughts include ideas, memories, and visuals.

Events are made up of people, situations, and media coverage. Any type of psychological change has you, the person making the change, as its central component.

Nobody can carry it out on your behalf. Do you want them to happen more frequently? If the answer is yes, then more noteworthy coincidences will occur more frequently.

By connecting the ideas in your head with those swirling in the fictitious sea of ideas in which your mind is buried, you can increase the frequency of coincidences.

Move Around And Open Your Mind

Increases in either or all of these factors will enhance the frequency of meaningful coincidences, which are typically intersections of thoughts and situational events.

By thoroughly researching an interesting subject, such as a person, concept, or need, thought production can be improved.

Moving about in complicated environments might increase situational synchronistic events.

When a dog trots around, she usually finds a bone, especially if she trots in an area where there are probably many bones.

You can consider fresh options through prayer. Sometimes we give ourselves power while seeming to delegate responsibilities to a higher authority.

When someone says, "Let go and let God," they are releasing their conscious control over the solution and allowing a higher power to step in.

Its posse external energy may be subconscious, which has been liberated. There are moments when enigmatic energy from without seems to help us.

Through the liberation of conscious awareness, meditation enables attention to flutter like a butterfly across newly blossoming occurrences.

Because liberated awareness makes it easier to make connections between mental and environmental events, it makes people more aware of synchronicities and coincidences and what they mean.

Balance Intuition And Rational Thought

To be successful at anything, from parenting to sports, a person needs a clear goal and well-trained subconscious skills.

Subconscious ability to achieve goals is blocked if conscious purpose interferes, questions, doubts, or advises excessively.

Instead of thinking too hard about what you want, hold it loosely and let your intuition guide the work. Learn to balance intuition with intentional intention.

Uncontrolled subconscious suggestions, on the other hand, can lead to bad things like the wrong job, bad health care, a bad relationship, or a loss of money.

Integrate conscious and unconscious processes for the best results. To develop your intuition, you need to figure out which of your inner voices and feelings you can trust the most.

They need to be set apart from impulses and negative self-talk that can lead to bad decisions. Test your intuition's numerous information routes through experiments.

You can learn which inner voices to trust and which to disregard by putting them to the test and seeing the results.

The stories in my book, Connecting with Coincidence, make it clear that everyone can find the people, things, and ideas they need in ways they are not aware of.


We Are Deeply Connected To Our Surroundings

Meaningful coincidences show us that we are not alone and that both our surroundings and ourselves are interconnected.

Recognize circumstances that are full of coincidences. Major life events, including birth, death, marriage, graduation, ill health, divorce, crises, and travel are among them.

Each of these encounters splits the fabric of our everyday reality and opens the door to new possibilities.

Find a culture of coincidence. Your social circle, religion, culture, and level of receptivity to coincidences all have a significant role.

You will find support for these theories if you belong to a community that is open to exploring unusual happenings like coincidences and synchronicities.

We have social permission to regard them as a coincidence-friendly bunch.

You can use coincidences to your advantage in decision-making, interpersonal and psychological development, education, creative endeavors, and employment. Allow them to enter your life in a controlled manner!

Connect With Coincidence To Have A Meaningful Life

Although some people are more prone to coincidences than others, everyone may learn how to develop them.

Mathematician David Hand asserts that events occur more frequently the more you are aware of them. Want to make the world seem more fantastical?

Try the following tactics:

Pay Attention

People who are attentive and pay attention to details experience coincidences. Keep your senses alert for coincidental possibilities as you go about your regular tasks.

Talk To Strangers

David Spiegelhalter, a risk researcher, found that conversing with strangers frequently results in coincidences.

It is impossible to know if you and your neighbor were both born in the same hospital, on the same day, in a city several hundred miles from your current residence if you don't introduce yourself to your neighbor.

Foamy wave rolling over azure sea surface
Foamy wave rolling over azure sea surface

Seek Meaning

Ask yourself if you can interpret the experience, whether you see a series of digits on a license plate or hear music on the radio.

Write It Down

Keep track of the coincidences that happen to you every day. The more often you observe coincidences, the more likely you will experience one.

People Also Ask

What Is The Significance Of A Coincidence?

Things are also the meaning we give them, particularly meaning that offers consolation or explanation - these are given by coincidence.

What Does The Bible Say About Coincidence?

Coincidence is the happening of events or circumstances without a causal relationship. A belief in God eliminates the possibility of coincidence since the cause of the event is known.

What Does It Mean To Believe In Coincidences?

You recall someone from your past, and strangely, you hear from them or have an unexpected chance encounter with them.


We can do this in an unlimited number of different ways, one of which is by connecting the mind, which includes doing this through the machinery of religion.

This is one of the ways that we can accomplish this goal. Material worlds, and as a consequence, we are all a part of what Carl Jung called the "collective unconscious."

The collective unconscious is an unseen layer that connects all of our lives.

This concept, like a great number of others that are not supported by science, continues to maintain some appeal for individuals psychologically although it has been disproven on a scientific level and is faulty to its very core.

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