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Christopher Godman (Reiki Grandmaster) Podcast/Interview 22 February 2022


Hi everyone, I'm Calvin from Straight Forward Guidance and first of all thanks for joining our podcast tonight, we are very excited to hear all about the connections between numerology and reiki. Tonight is a very special day, is 22th of February 2022. Christopher like this number because is the double of his special number (11).

Q1: Tell Us More About Yourself

Christopher Godman Answers:

Hello Calvin my name is Christopher Godman and I born on 11th of November (month 11) 1961 in Northville, Michigan(MI), 48167. My father was born on 11th of November 1931. My grandfather was born on 11th of November 1901. My son was born on 11th of November of 1991.

As you can see the number 11 is in my blood for generations and has an impact on my life and people around me. It guided me to the path of energy healing.

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Number 11 is in my blood for generations.

The postcode 48167 converted to binary number is 00110100 00111000 00110001 00110110 00110111, here you can see muliple clusters of the number 11. In terms of Numerology this number becomes 26 (4+8+1+6+7), which again becomes 8 (2+6).

Since childhood I always felt the energies around me and at the age of 11 I started to manipulate energies around me and others to heal emotional distress.

Q2: Tell Us About The Secret Discovery From Mount Kurama?

Christopher Godman Answers:

This is not something I can disclose in public and is only for Reiki Practitioners, but I can say a few things.

Kurama letters converted to numbes is 11 21 18 1 13 1. Again the number first letter K is the number 11. This is connected to my family blood history.

I went there at the age of 11 with my father to celebrate my birthday and the number 11 in a very unique way, where I received the forbidden knowledge that allowed me to further expand my Energy Healing abilities.


I received the forbidden knowledge that allowed me to further expand my Energy Healing abilities.

The Universe Energy gave me the power and energy to teach other people Reiki.

Q3: We Never Heard About You Before, Why Only Revealing Yourself Now?

Christopher Godman Answers:

I always teach people 1 by 1 individually and I never use any internet connected devices because their energy affects my ability to heal and all the negative aura from bad energies is streamed through the internet.

Before Grand Master Bala L. passed away asked me to continue his work at freereikicourse to spread Reiki across the world. As I don't use any electronic devices, Mario bridges me between the offline world and the online community. I can only help people offline, but with Mario, I can reach further away.

Coming back to your question I can tell you that I only started to reveal myself online in the past 2-3 years and I think the impact I've done was so successful that I want to reach even more people. This is the reason that I want to become more known in the online world and to spread my love in the Reiki community.

Q4: Why Reiki?

Christopher Godman Answers:

Before Reiki I was an Energy Healer and I my father tought me about Reiki since very young. Was never a choice not to chose Reiki, it was given to me in every dream since I born. I could see the energy flowing thought my eyes while sleeping.

Q4: Why You Came To This Podcast Tonight?

Christopher Godman Answers:

As I said before, I'm trying to reach more people online and to teach them more about the wonderful power of Reiki. My mission before dying is to teach 11 million people about reiki.


My mission before dying is to teach 11 million people about Reiki.

Q5: What Is Your Oppinion About Other Reiki Grandmasters?

Christopher Godman Answers:

I connected with many people that claimed to be a Reiki Grandmaster, when in reality they were just Reiki Masters. To get the Grandmaster title is not for everyone, you need to have that special energy that can only be given by the source of the Blue Coral Of The Kazantus. When you touch someone's hands you can feel the source of energy, and most people don't have it, but can be further transmitted (even if it's a bit weaker when received).


Calvin: Thank you Christopher for allowing us to interview you tonight and getting these answers, was truly revealing.

Christopher: Was a pleasure talking to you tonight.

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