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California Psychic - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

California Psychic - People are intellectually curious, and the universe is a strange and ambiguous place. That is why, when in doubt about what the future holds, a Psychic Reading can be helpful.

That is where the California Psychic online readings come into play.

With over twenty-five years of experience, California Psychic has honed its psychic reading and tarot card reading offerings.

In this California Psychic review, we'll break down each feature of their website and service in order to provide you with the information you need before deciding to try their psychic reading.

California Psychic Overview - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

California psychic logo with coconut tree design
California psychic logo with coconut tree design

California Psychic is one of the first and most prominent results you'll see when searching for online psychic services. It is one of the most prestigious psychic networks available today, having been in operation since 1995. California Psychic, one of the oldest psychic organizations, has over 300 advisors who provide guidance in all areas of life.

California Psychic maintains a database of hundreds of psychics, each with their own set of specialties and skills. The website makes it simple to compare psychic readers and shop around. Each psychic profile includes contact information as well as a list of skills, tools, and topics. Tarot reading, dream interpretation, clairvoyants, mediums, empaths, and other abilities are available. Furthermore, California Psychic has one of the most stringent psychic screening processes, with only 2 out of every 100 psychics who apply being accepted.

Customers can contact a California Psychics advisor in a variety of ways. For both Android and iPhone users, they provide phone readings, chat readings, and in-app readings. There is also an interesting blog on the website that covers spirituality, life lessons, and other meaningful topics. They also provide free horoscope readings that are frequently updated. They also have a generous introductory offer and a satisfaction guarantee.

How Does California Psychic Work?

California physics website with group of 4 people smiling
California physics website with group of 4 people smiling

California Psychic, like any other psychic reading service, allows you to speak with a psychic for confidential and insightful guidance. In two simple steps, you can select a psychic from a list and create an account. After creating an account, you can contact the psychic reader via phone. You can prepare your questions ahead of time and choose a quiet location to focus and gain clarity with the assistance of your chosen psychic. California Psychic requires you to be free and without hesitation as you write down the questions you want to be answered.

What Makes California Psychic Differ From Other Online Psychic Reading Platforms?

There are several factors that distinguish California Psychic. The first feature is the three-tiered pricing structure. The site has classified its psychics into three levels based on the demand for them and the psychic's level of experience. It can be a great help when looking for a psychic who fits your needs and budget.

Of course, the site's screening process is unique and far more stringent than that of many of its competitors. As a result, you can be confident that all of the psychics on the site have been thoroughly vetted and that you will not be wasting your money. Furthermore, the site provides a satisfaction guarantee (more on this below), which provides additional assurance that your money will not be wasted.

In addition, California Psychic is one of the few psychic networks that offers a customer loyalty program. It's called Karma Rewards, and with each purchase you make on the site, you'll earn points that can be used to pay for future readings. It also provides customers with the opportunity to take advantage of special offers and discounts.

California Psychic Advisors Selection Process

Because of their stringent screening process, it is extremely difficult for a psychic to be featured on California Psychic. The process takes about a month to complete and is divided into four stages. In the first stage, a prospective psychic must complete a detailed application form detailing their skills and experience. If they make it to the second round, they will be subjected to two evaluations by the California Psychic team. This is followed by a background investigation.

If the psychic successfully completes all of these stages, they will be asked to begin filling out their California Psychic profile and begin a training program with guides on how the site works, how to talk to clients, and so on. According to the website, only two out of every hundred applicants are accepted. When looking for a psychic, you can be confident that they have been thoroughly vetted, and you can also view their public reviews, so you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

California Psychic App

California Psychic has both an Android and an iOS app. Both apps have high ratings in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This is a good sign, especially since other sites' apps have far more negative reviews.

Not only does the app facilitate readings, as does the website, but users can also easily access all of California Psychic's extra content, such as blogs, articles, horoscopes, and so on. While California Psychic can conceal negative feedback on its own website, the app stores' high positive feedback is a good indication of the public's trust and the app's functionality.

The app also has a few extra features that aren't available on the website. You can discover your astrological compatibility with others in your life. Although this is only based on the two people's Sun signs, it can still be a quick and easy tool for those who aren't as knowledgeable about astrology.

People Also Ask

Is California Psychic Trustworthy?

It's impressive that this psychic network has been around for over two decades. It can be trusted because of a thorough screening process. You can easily contact the customer support department no matter which country you are from, thanks to all of the numbers from various areas.

How To Apply For A Refund?

The refund procedure at California Psychics is very simple. All you have to do is call their customer service department within 24 hours of your dissatisfaction with the psychic reading. If you submit a refund request after 24 hours, California Psychic may deny it, so file a complaint as soon as possible. California Psychic will credit your account with a refund if your complaint is timely and legitimate.

What Forms Of Payment Do California Psychics accept?

All major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), debit cards, and PayPal are accepted by California Psychic. We will only charge your credit card the amount you specify.

Is California Psychic Safe To Use?

California Psychic guarantees that the information you provide will be kept private. Because the readings are delivered in a discreet and confidential manner, you can be free of any safety concerns. Furthermore, the payment method used is highly secure, and California Psychic provides the best experience so that you have complete confidence in the service. The company keeps all readings, conversations, and financial transactions private and secure.


If you are looking for guidance in your life, California Psychic is the place to go. California Psychic is probably one of the most trustworthy psychic websites in the business, with 25 years of experience as a psychic service, a highly selective screening/monitoring process, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and an incredible range of reading styles available. Although psychic services cannot guarantee results, people who are genuinely interested in psychic advice have a good chance of finding it here.

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