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Biblical Number 8 Meaning In The Bible And Prophetically


Biblical number 8 has always had special symbolism and is frequently associated with religion. The number 8 is a significant religious number.

This number appears numerous times in the Bible and is very important to Christians.

In this article, you will learn more about the biblical meaning of the number 8 as well as its prophetic meaning. Of course, it will start with some basic information about the number 8 and its characteristics as an angel number. This number is usually a special number sent to you by angels.

What Does The Number 8 Mean In The Bible?

The number eight represents a new beginning—it is associated with a brighter future, new horizons, and a new life in general. The number 8 also represents resurrection in the historic Christian Church.

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Jesus was crucified to atone for the world's sins, and He rose again on the 17th of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar. Nisan 17 is made up of angel numbers 1 and 7, and their sum is 8, so it could be considered a numerical equivalent of the number 8.

Overall, the number 8 represents victory and perfect sacrifice. This is also demonstrated by the fact that Nisan 17 was the eighth day on which Jesus was chosen to die on the cross.

With this, you can say that Jesus Christ has many connections to the eighth note, which could indicate that He revered this number. letters in His name add up to 888 in Greek.

The number eight is also significant in earlier parts of the Bible, such as the first book.

God created the heavens and the Earth in seven days, according to the book of Genesis. When God rested on the seventh day, the eighth day represented a new creation, new order, and spiritual life.

Where Does The Number 8 Appear In The Bible?

Page of the book of Moses Genesis
Page of the book of Moses Genesis

The number 8 first appears in the book of Genesis, chapter 6, in the story of Noah's Ark, when the entire Earth was covered in floods of water. The creation of the new Earth was entrusted to eight people.

Abraham had eight sons: Shuah, Ishbak, Midian, Medan, Jokshan, Zimran, Isaac, and Ishmael.

Similarly, the crucifixion of Jesus has a special significance in relation to the number 8. Jesus demonstrated His power over death when He conquered the grave.

As you are aware, Jesus' resurrection occurred shortly after the last day of His crucifixion. He appeared to Mary Magdalene and His disciples eight times before His ascension after He rose from the dead.

Furthermore, the Feast of Tabernacles, which the Israelites observed (and which is still observed today), lasts seven days. The next day, another feast, known as the Last Great Day, is observed, making for an eight-day celebration.

What Does The Number 8 Mean Prophetically?

An open Bible
An open Bible

In the Old Testament, the Lord God commanded that every male child be circumcised on the eighth day of each new month. The removal of the foreskin represented a new beginning and acceptance of the Holy Spirit.

To put it another way, if a boy was not circumcised, his body was like a dry land that needed to be prepared for the Spirit to reign.

Pentecost is also celebrated one week after the Spring harvest, which falls on the 50th day of the Hebrew calendar. This special day, unsurprisingly, falls on the eighth day of the seventh week.

The 50th and 8th day combination represents the first resurrection, when Christ will mark the beginning of the new covenant by raising the dead and making them immortal. This is evident in the last book of the Bible, Revelation, in the 20th chapter.

The number 8 primarily represents spiritual regeneration and the beginning of a new era. On Easter Sunday, the first day of a new week, Jesus rose from the dead to eternal life, which is also the eighth day of the previous week.

The Pentateuch contains eight songs, including those found in the Book of Psalms (Deuteronomy 32, Exodus 15, the Song of Songs, Isaiah 5, 26, Judges 5, Numbers 21). The majority of these songs will be sung after Christ is reborn.

Furthermore, the vision of God's kingdom came to Peter, the disciple, eight days after the announcement of Christ's sufferings (Luke 9:28-36), and Thomas, another of Jesus' disciples, was compelled to believe after failing to believe the previous eight days.

People Also Ask

What Does 8 Mean Spiritually?

The number 8 represents inner steadiness and equilibrium. A message from the angels instructs you to clear your mind and accept your own emotions. Only then will you be able to achieve spiritual maturity and growth in your own life.

Why Is The Number 8 So Special?

In Chinese culture, the number eight is considered lucky. In China, the image above represents good fortune. The Mandarin word for eight, 'ba,' has a similar sound to the word for wealth, 'fa.' In Cantonese eight, the word 'baat' sounds similar to the word for fortune, 'faat.' As a result, many people believe that the number eight is associated with prosperity. The Chinese attempt to incorporate the number eight into phone numbers, addresses, and even car license plates. The Beijing Olympics began at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 p.m. on August 8, 2008.

And that's the straight on the number-eight, nothing too deep, just something to think about for those who may pass through.

Why Is 888 The Number Of Jesus?

The number 888 is associated with Jesus, or more specifically Christ the Redeemer, in some Christian numerology. This representation can be justified using gematria, counting the letter values of the Greek transliteration of Jesus' name, or as an opposing value to the number 666, the number of the beast.

Is 8 A Holy Number?

In Japan, the number eight (hachi, ya) is also considered lucky, but for a different reason than in Chinese culture. Because the letter () gradually broadens, the number eight connotes prosperity. In ancient times, the Japanese considered eight (, ya) to be a sacred number.

The Bottomline

And there you have it, folks—a comprehensive look at the meaning of the number 8 in the Bible. Rejoice the next time you see this number.

It's a strong indication of a new beginning and a fresh start. Because it is a holy number, number 8 assists you in accessing the blessings that the spiritual realm has in store for you.

As a result, keep your head up and brace yourself for the impending change.

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