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Best Tarot Readers On Youtube For Accurate Readings In 2022


Are you baffled about your romantic life?

Do you have conflicting feelings about an upcoming career decision?

Or are you looking for general advice about your future?

A free tarot card reading on YouTube could be the solution.

Tarot readers examine tarot card decks to provide insight and clarity into your future.

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You can now get free tarot card readings from the comfort of your own home by watching tarot readers on YouTube.

However, psychic scams are common in the industry, and it can be difficult to determine which are genuine and trustworthy.

We've presented the best tarot readers on YouTube in 2022 for accurate readings to help you choose the best tarot reading for your needs.

An Overview Of Tarot Reading And Readers

A tarot reader holding tarot cards with a candle on table
A tarot reader holding tarot cards with a candle on table

A Tarot card reading is a type of psychic reading. It is a type of cartomancy that employs a unique deck of cards. A tarot card reader asks a question, then draws cards and interprets the answers.

Cartomancy has been documented since the 1400s.

Fortune tellers would tell fortunes using playing cards. Tarot cards did not appear on the scene until the 1780s.

People consult tarot readers for a variety of reasons. People frequently come with questions about their love lives or careers.

Tarot is also used to help people interpret their dreams and understand their subconscious. Where logic fails, a psychic tarot reading can provide answers.

A Tarot Reading on YouTube can answer many questions about your life that you had not previously considered.

A soulmate tarot reading could help you find your true love. If you're looking for a "tarot card reader near me," it might be time to try a free psychic tarot card online via YouTube.

A tarot card reader will assess, draw a spread of cards, and find an answer based on the symbols in front of them.

Best Tarot Readers On Youtube

Tarot cards with youtube logo
Tarot cards with youtube logo

The most common type of tarot card readings on YouTube is based on astrological signs. There are also a plethora of 'pick a card and 'general energy' readings available.

Most channels will post a few videos per week, allowing you to keep up with the energies that are currently circulating in your field.

You should definitely check out these top eerily accurate and best Tarot readers on Youtube if you want to give yourself a free reading in the comfort of your own home, are trying to get over a toxic relationship, or want to know what's in store for you in 2022.

They post monthly videos based on your zodiac sign that you'll swear were made especially for you. Check it out for yourself.

Pamela Georgel

Aquarius Psychic Tarot Reading for June 2022 by Pam Georgel

She's a cheerful friendly East Coast lady who does longer monthly tarot readings that last about 30 minutes.

Her style is down-to-earth and conversational, and her accuracy can be startling.

She has correctly predicted our career paths, social conflicts around us, and even legal fees and outcomes.

She mostly relies on her intuition and what her spirit guides show her when she reads the cards.

If you want a personal psychic reading from Pamela, sign up for her waitlist.

Divine Love Tarot

Sai only joined YouTube a year ago, doing free true love tarot reading spreads for the zodiac sign of Libra, but fortunately for everyone else, he recently expanded his daily readings to include all 12 astrology signs.

His endearing Indian accent, endearing persona, and stunning backdrop of white horses make it especially amusing when he occasionally drops the reading.

On this list, he's probably our favorite Love Youtube Tarot reader.

If you're going through a rough patch or looking for a long-lost love, Sai will tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Passionate Heart Tarot

Passionate Heart Tarot youtube channel with a woman and words their current feelings
Passionate Heart Tarot youtube channel with a woman and words their current feelings

Lyn began posting videos in December 2018 and now has over 100,000 subscribers, which she is steadily increasing.

While her graceful and hauntingly beautiful true love tarot readings are entertaining to watch, they are not without substance; she has a real talent for uncovering hidden feelings or secrets that your significant other may have.

She'll give you accurate psychic readings about your soulmate in a way that makes even the most unpleasant details easy to hear and understand.

Nicholas Ashbaugh

This is Tarot therapy rather than fortune telling, but it is still accurate.

Watch Nicholas' monthly live YouTube Tarot Readings if you want a calming, nurturing Zen vibe from someone who sounds like a friend giving you advice.

He tells you what you need to focus on each month in every aspect of your life, and then he provides a nice little summary of the reading at the end to remind you.

He actually gave us some advice that helped us with a work project and some good mantras to focus on each month.

FalconGrl Tarot

She not only has the most subscribers on YouTube among Tarot readers, but she also has the most festive spreads!

Because she reads in both Spanish and English, she chooses a Dia de Los Muertos theme for October.

That's not the only reason she's known as the Queen of Tarot on YouTube; her 30-minute monthly birth sign videos are packed with even the smallest details about your life.

She is so detailed that it almost feels like a personal reading.

Charmed Intuition Tarot Channel

Charmed Intuition, unlike many of the other channels on this list, only posts a couple of readings per month (rather than every day in some cases).

Their emphasis is on longer videos, but they mostly choose card readings so you don't have to watch the entire thing.

They have a really fun style to their videos, and they're very popular, but they're not the most consistent, so it really depends on how frequently you want to see a YouTube Tarot reading in your feed.

Cancer Moons

Don't be fooled by his youthful appearance; Anthony from Cancer Moons is an old soul with a lot of wisdom.

He offers weekly and daily general readings, as well as monthly YouTube Tarot readings for each Zodiac sign, which are surprisingly deep and soulful, particularly when it comes to toxic relationships, self-love, and personal development.

He tells you some hard truths while also making you feel better about yourself and them.

People Also Ask

Who Invented Tarot Reading?

While some experimented, widespread use of tarot cards for divination did not begin until the late 1700s, when Frenchman Jean-Baptise Alliette published the first definitive guide to tarot card reading.

Pseudonymed Etteilla created a guide for using the cards as well as his own deck.

Do Tarot Readers Make Good Money?

A quick 15-minute reading for walk-ins at the fair can earn you $20.

You can charge $60 to $80 per hour for more in-depth readings requested by regular clients.

Some celebrities pay up to $500 per hour for their personal tarot reader if you have broken into the wealthy clientele.

How Do You Start A Tarot Reading?

Howe recommends two basic spreads for beginning readers: a three-card pull and the Celtic Cross.

The former involves drawing three cards from the deck to represent the person being read's past, present, and future or mind, body, and spirit.


That concludes our list of the best free tarot readers on YouTube.

The majority of Tarot readings on YouTube are not the same as meeting with a reader one-on-one.

The majority of them are creating videos for hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of millions, of people.

As a result, each video is rarely made for a single person.

However, this does not negate the use of the cards' guidance.

If you aren't ready to get a personal tarot reading in person, the good news is that you can practice by watching free readings on YouTube.

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